Ate Kimi’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

It was another colorful morning as our team once again headed to Ospital ng Makati for our 11th event to date there. Our partnership with OSMAK started in December of 2014 where we had our first ever mural painting workshop. Time indeed flies fast as we are now on our 10th mural event. Here we are, two years after, almost finishing up filling the walls of the entire pedia ward with colorful and beautiful images.

For the past two years our artists, Robby and Blanca have been creatively coming up with themes for each room in the pedia ward. We’ve done different themes like hot air balloons, under the sea, carousel, cars, animals, and today, we eagerly prepared for: Outer Space.

Today’s event is organized by Ate Kimi Lu. She wanted to celebrate the birthdays of her friends Ate Zarra and Kuya Luis. She said every individual is made up of positive electric charge called protons. Together we can use this energy to create something wonderful. She gathered up friends in today’s Proton Meetup event to participate in our Mural painting activity with the patients of OSMAK.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

The pedia was was filled with young children who’s suffering from different kinds of illness. Some were suffering from dengue, dehydration, and others were there for their chemo treatment. As some of the kids were fragile the volunteers had to handle them with care.

We grouped the volunteers and children into five groups and they got the chance to share with each other things about themselves. They talked about their favor color and animal. Then we had a dance showdown where each group picked a representative and they competed with each other. In the end Ana Marie was awarded as the best dancer.

To add to the fun we had two dragon mascots who came out and interacted with the kids. Ana Marie took the lead as she performed the dance steps of a Korean pop song while the 2 dragon mascots followed her lead and danced. In the end everyone stood up and joined the fun. The ates enthusiastically danced with their partner children. The dragon mascots also went around the other rooms so the other children who couldn’t go out of their rooms had the opportunity to play and take photos with them.

We then had a fun game called Raise the Ball. Each group was given two balls. As the song played the group members passed the ball around each other. Once the music stopped Kuya Harvard would give two numbers and the people who corresponded to those two numbers should stand up and raise the ball. It was a challenge to stand up as quickly as possible. Also, the team members had to be alert in identifying which person the ball had to be passed to. It was raise to three with team three emerging as the eventual winner.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We then moved on to the main event, the mural painting. Each group went to the paint station set up by our artist Ate Blanca. The images on the walls were already color coded to serve as a guide to our volunteers and kids. Everyone excitedly headed to the paint station to grab the different paint colors and brushes. The ates and kuyas bonded with the children as they painted with them. Vibrant colors filled the walls of the room. Today’s theme was Outer Space. There were images of astronauts, adorable extraterrestrial beings, planets, stars, spaceships, meteors, and others. The children painted happily as you could see them trying their best to paint within the lines.

After all the activities we did in the morning it was time to let the children rest. We had our early lunch as the volunteers ate with the children and their parents. We then gave out prizes to the winners the morning’s activities. We also gave school supplies and gifts to the children. Ate Kimi’s friends brought books, coloring materials, clothes, toys, and educational magazines to be given to the children in the ward. The children hugged their ates and kuyas as they said their goodbyes and thankyou’s. The children’s parents were also happy to see their children happy. Some of the parents kept taking photos of the event.

It was heartwarming to see the smiles on the children’s faces. They are going through a lot at a young age. We won’t be able to take all the pain away but in our small way, we were able to create an experience which uplifted their spirits. As they say, “Creativity takes courage.”

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati


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