AIESEC DLSU’s Global Village

AIESEC in De La Salle University

“One thing we all have in common is the desire to belong.”

We may look or speak differently, but what connects all of us is our desire to belong. For over 42 years, AIESEC in De La Salle University has enabled young people cross-cultural leadership experiences for Peace and Humankind’s Potential. In order to continuously reach this vision, AIESEC in De La Salle University hosted its annual event, Global Village, on 2​4​ February 201​6​ at De La Salle University.

Global Village provides us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of cultural diversity, on how accepting different traditions and beliefs can benefit us that we can all live better together. This year, Global Village will focus on the theme “Bringing Worlds Closer.” This aimed to:

To engage Lasallians with our exchange participants that will help promote cultural diversity, understanding, and global citizenship and to showcase in the De La Salle community our exchange participants’ relevance in re-building the Philippines through their social projects.

We were able to participate with 3 of our own exchange participants from Japan to showcase their culture in the De La Salle student body through food, art, and music; along with a representation of the current project they are in, which fostered an atmosphere of social awareness, harmony, unity, and peace.

The exchange participants brought their cultural food, clothes, decoration items, banners, flags, or anything that would represent their home country. I on the other hand, encouraged and shared our advocacy and organization to the De La Salle community.


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