Ate Ritz Celebrates with UNO Kids

Celebration with UNO Kids

The 3rd weekend of February again featured the kids of UNO Manila for a day filled with three (3) things – games, games and some more games. It was 1 of only 2 events for the Saturday but it certainly was not going to lack in activity.

Ate Jam organized the event with U! to celebrate the birthday of her friend Ate Ritz. A number of friends and some eager volunteers also joined them on what was going to be a very lively gathering.

Celebration with UNO KidsThe day got started with the volunteers breaking the ice by introducing themselves in front of the entire group. A 5-sec-dance-step highlighted the introductions as the kuyas and ates gamely (excruciatingly for some though J) showed off to the kids.

The volunteers and kids finally got together (with their kids) and enthusiastically named their groups while getting acquainted. The Beliebers, Paloma, Maalden, Hokage and Cheerleaders composed the competing teams for the day.

Following the dance-filled introductions, the groups played the Dance Showdown game. The game played some popular songs which the teams had to dance to, trying to beat the other teams in a straight up showdown. Some popular tracks played while the teams busted their moves. Team Paloma, apparently having all dancers in the group, turned out the winner being head-and-shoulders above everyone else.

The next games that followed involved a couple of relays – the Hula Hoop Relay and the Pass the Charades. These games have become favorites in U! events and it was once again a hit among both the kids and volunteers. Both contests were neck and neck and a different set of winners came out here.

Celebration with UNO KidsThe next game had the groups settle down in their circles for a mental challenge with the ‘How High Can You Go’ Game. From the categories being given out, the teams had to bid the highest number they can enumerate. The categories included round fruits, green vegetables and even Disney characters. It was a game that saw the teams ‘think’ their way through. In the end, everyone had fun shouting their bids and egging on their teammates enumerating the category items out loud.

Lunch soon followed with a delicious serving of a kid-favorite fried chicken meal. It was some needed nourishment after a highly active morning. The volunteers and kids also shared a good laugh throughout this time while recounting the earlier activities of the day.

The final game of the day was another favorite – the Stack Me Up Game. This game made use of paper cups which the teams had to assemble into perfect pyramids. The size and number of these pyramid cups though were specific and the teams had to figure out how many cups were needed in each of the triangular shapes. It was a game to allow more collaboration and stimulation of the minds as the teams raced to build their pyramids.

Celebration with UNO Kids

Before sending them off, Ate Ritz gave out the gifts for the kids. Another volunteer likewise contributed some items for the UNO community.

Thank U! to Ate Ritz, Ate Jam and all the volunteers for matching the kids excitement bit by bit. U! Happy Events can’t wait to be reunited with all of them again soon.


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