Ate Jizelle & Friends Celebrates with Children’s Joy Foundation

Children’s Joy Foundation Celebration

In rare occasions we get to organize events for Barkadas or group of friends who simply built a habit of reaching out to children. Thanks to Ate Jizelle Chung and her group we were able to bless Children’s Joy Foundation.

It was another unique workshop that we have prepared. For only the third time through Ate Jill Ngo we had a Belly Dancing activity. She was with two other dancers who gracefully lead the 45 minute session. It was interesting to witness Kuyas and the boys struggling and enjoying at the same time.

Children’s Joy Foundation Celebration

Ate Jill emphasized on being able to isolate certain body parts for movements. She even made a game on it. For example saying Watermelon had the shoulders and belly moving.

We also played two games using cones. The first one was called Stack Me Up. Each team had to race to stack levels of cones pyramid style depending on what I how many I would say. We followed it up with Kids vs Volunteers. Game is Speed Cone. Cones scattered, they race to put up all the cones up or down. The children won doing it only for 3.85 seconds!

After a Shakey’s treat of pizza and pasta, the children took turns to perform for us. First were the girls, then the boys and last were the teens. It’s truly a joyous moment to see and hear. And it was fitting after our Belly Dancing activity.

Children’s Joy Foundation Celebration


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