Ate Sophia’s Fly Catcher with Gentle Hands

Outreach Program with Gentle Hands

It was nice to return to Gentle Hands and see all the kids there. Our first event with them for the year promises to be a fun one as we celebrated Sophia’s 4th birthday. Mommy Marico wanted to have a different birthday celebration for her daughter. She started with having a limited budget but by God’s grace, she was able to provide the needs for the event and was even able to donate to Gentle Hands with the help of her family and friends.

The event kicked off with the kids and volunteers grouped together. It was refreshing to have as many volunteers as kids. They then asked the following questions to get better acquainted – their names, dreams when they grew up (for the kids) and their favorite shapes. We also quizzed the groups after. The groups also came up with their group names: Team Victorious, Team Jack Frost, Team One Direction, Team Adventure Time and Team Aldub. The group names just showed what the kids were fond of. :)

Outreach Program with Gentle HandsTwo games were in store for the kids. We played “Pass the Charades” first. Everyone lined up per group and they had to act out the item we wanted them to guess. This went on till the end of the line. They had to use purely gestures – no one was allowed to utter any words or sounds. Our category were animals and everyone had a fun time acting out the animals. We had a lot of laughs as animals like a horse became a rabbit or a lion becoming a tiger.

The next game was “Paint Me A Picture” where everyone had to act out a scene and hold their poses until we judged the best one. The group’s creativity did shine through as they thought of creative ways of making the scenes work. We personally enjoyed the “Under the Sea” picture where different sea creatures came alive with the imagination they put in.

As tiring it was for the two games, the main activity of the afternoon was our Art Workshop with Kuya Robby. He taught the kids how to make a “Catch the Fly Frog” which they could play with after. This was an artwork where one makes a frog out of board paper and makes a “fly” attached to a yarn. The toy could be played by shooting the fly onto the frog’s open mouth. The volunteers assisted the kids in making their very own frogs and flies. They had a fun time following the instructions of the Teacher Robby and made their own colors and designs . The kids proudly showed off their works and played with their toys with their Ates and Kuyas.

Outreach Program with Gentle Hands

After all these activities, it was eating time! Everyone was famished and were ready with the yummy food prepared. It is always great to see the kids and the volunteers interact during meal time. You get to hear them recount the afternoon—the games they played, the art workshop and the ‘bonding’ time they spend with each other. The birthday celebrant, Sophia, also gave out the prizes to Team Victorious and Team Adventure Time for winning the two games. The volunteers also helped Sophia distribute loot bags, school supplies and plush toys to the kids courtesy of her Tito Neal .

Outreach Program with Gentle HandsWe called in Sophia after all the festivities and sang her Happy Birthday as she blew the candle from her two birthday cakes. Mommy Marico also expressed her wish for daughter Sophia — for her to grow up to be a good and be God-fearing girl. She also had a message to the kids to always strive to do good with their studies and to never give up on their dreams.

Lastly, a group picture was taken with everyone giving their biggest smiles for a fun afternoon spent with the kids from Gentle Hands. You too can celebrate your birthday with us. Learn more by creating your event with us.


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