Fashion Show for Children’s Charity

Happy Children

A prize-winning Cypriot model is gracing the catwalk at a fashion show extravaganza held in support of The Rainbow Child Foundation on Saturday evening.

Natalia Mavromoustaki has been modelling for seven years and has appeared in Cosmopolitan and Esquire and won The Face of the Globe in 2016.

Face of The Globe is an international beauty pageant held annually in the UK and Disneyland Paris. The pageant was founded by winner of ‘Best Pageant Director’ and ‘Inspirational Businesswoman of the Year’ Lucie Hide, a former international beauty queen from England.

The main charity that the pageant supports is the Rainbow Child Foundation, which donates 100% of their profits to the people they support and strives to help children all over the world through the building of orphanages, water pumps, sanitation units and more.

“The Rainbow Child Foundation is a charity close to my heart,” Mavromoustaki told the Cyprus Weekly. The beauty queen has a BA in Social Work from the University of Cyprus and is currently volunteering with refugees in Greece. She also does a great deal of charity work in Cyprus.

“As a social worker, I have worked with a lot of children from different cultures. The Rainbow Child [supports] exactly this.”

Mavromoustaki is making an appearance in Paphos on Saturday evening at the Royal Heart Charity Fashion Show which is taking place, also in support of the charity, at the glamorous Secret Valley Golf Club.

Mavromoustaki has strong views on the fashion industry in Cyprus, saying that aspiring designers and models need to go abroad in order to further their careers.

“Hardly any young people make a career in modelling here and salaries are low. I think this is a real shame because there are some very good fashion designers in Cyprus, and models that really deserve the recognition.”

Her advice to those wanting to enter modelling is to find a good school with experienced teachers who are well-connected in the industry.

“Follow online tutorials, practise poses and walks in front of the mirror and get a good photo shoot done for a portfolio that shows a lot of variety in poses and expressions.”

She also stresses the need to keep fit but not overdo it.

“Not everyone will make it, though,” she says. “Not everyone was born for modelling. Everyone has a different talent and we’re all special in different ways.”

In addition to the appearance of Mavromoustaki at the Royal Heart Fashion Show there will be a cocktail party and live music to complement the professional fashion show.

After the event, Mavromoustaki’s next stop is Paris where, in April, she will present her Face of the Globe crown in front of other models and supporters of the charity.

After this, she will return to Cyprus to pursue her career as a social worker.

“I’ll try and make the most of the time ahead as it will pass very quickly, and then after that I would like to get into social work, hopefully in Cyprus.”

The Royal Heart Charity Fashion Show is at the Secret Valley Golf Club on February 20 at 7pm. Last-minute tickets are €20.

For more information call 99939859.




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