Ate Shen’s Balloon Twisting Workshop with IT Tender

Balloon Twisting Workshop with IT Tender

The spirit of generosity doesn’t stop until Christmas. The day after that most-awaited celebration, Ate Shen Acosta together with her family went to IT Tender Ministry in Muntinlupa to have a thanksgiving celebration.

This was our second event in IT Tender Ministry, a non-profit organization in South that aims to empower children to become educated and responsible leaders in their community.

We were welcomed by Kuya Gabriel Malquisto, one of those who manages the center and who also teaches bible stories to the children. He shared to us heartwarming stories about the center and how God blessed that place through donations and volunteers. There were 25 kids and 12 volunteers who participated in the event and were divided into 4 groups.
After the usual getting to know stage, U! Happy current treasurer, Ate Amy proceeded with the bato bato pick game wherein each player will compete with each other per team. The winner will then compete to other groups and finally to Ate Amy. Nobody won though in this game. Ate Amy is such a good player in this game. Afterward, we had a cheese ring relay. Everybody had a great time and finally a group winner was awarded who were able to transfer 4 rings.

Balloon Twisting Workshop with IT Tender

Then it was time for the magic workshop. The kids got excited including the other volunteers such as Ate Shen. The workshop was nicely executed and the kids seemed very intrigued and they no longer want to just watch, they also want to perform the magic. Good thing the magician allowed them to touch some of his precious magical things. The fun didn’t stop there as another workshop awaits them- balloon twisting workshop. Everyone had a fantastic time learning in this workshop. As a matter of fact, this workshop made the event memorable as each one took home an animal balloon.

We had a sumptuous lunch right after and photo op with ate Shen and his family. They also distributed story books which is very useful in filling knowledge and practice of imagination. Thank you Ate Shen for such another memorable day with U! Happy and with the kids of IT Tender Ministry. We hope this event will pave way for more volunteer work and build more happy memories with less fortunate children.

Balloon Twisting Workshop with IT Tender



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