Music Video in Support of Child Cancer Awareness is Released

support of child cancer awareness

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) — A music video supporting child cancer awareness has been released.

Child 4 Child, a charity headed by Childhood Cancer International, released the video for “We Are One,” a song intended to draw attention to the plight of children suffering from cancer.

“We Are One” was written by Cristophe Beck, who was also one of the people who wrote the score of Disney’s Frozen.

The video was directed by Johan Söderberg, who has previously worked with musical superstars such as Madonna and Beyonce. Söderberg also worked with David Bowie on his last music video.

The video opens with the words: “Every day, 700 children are diagnosed with cancer. In January, kids from all over the world decided to raise their voices.”

The video fetures young children from all over the world singing in support of young people battling cancer, hoping to uplift their spirits and give them courage to fight back against the disease.

Included among them is Filipino Nathan Bautista.

The song will be available on several music platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, and many more.




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