Christmas Celebration with Bambang Children’s Ministry Year 2

Bambang Children’s Ministry Christmas CelebrationThe Christmas party started with a recap of our Bible Stories and sharing of their life problems with their teachers and how the bible can answer their problems. It is an application of the bible in their lives, the teacher shared with them the proper attitude as to how to face their problems the Christian way. We divided the children into two groups, so as to accommodate all of them. Batch 1 pictures shows bible school teachers sharing Christian stories and Christian approaches to problems in life. There was also a bible pop quiz, whoever can answer on the spot wins. After the bible sharing we let them have their lunch first, because we stared at around 11 a.m.

The second part of our event was the preparing of our cast for the nativity scene. Instead of just telling the story of Jesus’ birth, a special group of students portrayed the Nativity Scene with me as their narrator. It all stated with Mary & Joseph traveling to Bethlehem to find a place to stay because Mary was very tired & about to give birth.

Bambang Children’s Ministry Christmas Celebration

They spoke to the inn keeper, but all the rooms are full, taking pity on them, the manger was offered to them and they were very grateful. From a distance a group of shepherd was taking care of their flock, when a bright light appeared from a distance and an angel approached them, she said “ Don’t be afraid, a messiah will be born tonight” then she joined the other angels and sang together, after that they all disappeared (by turning their backs).

The shepherds were so excited that they shouted for joy and announced to everyone that a messiah will be born, until they reached the manger and gave their respects to baby Jesus. Not far away, the three kings saw a huge bright star coming from Bethlehem, and they followed it until they reached the place where Jesus was born and they gave their respects to the king of kings together with their very special gifts fit for a king. After the angels appeared again ( by turning forward) and together they sang “ Hark the Herald”. This was how we ended the play and we introduced the casts one by one. They truly deserve the applause they got for it was a very tedious practice considering their age. Batch 2 pictures – The Nativity Play.

The third part is the giving of testimonies of some selected students, as to how this ministry and God have changed them as a person. Along with it is their giving of gratitude to all their teachers, pastor and sponsors, most especially to U Happy Events, who made our Christmas party possible.

Bambang Children’s Ministry Christmas CelebrationSome children even testified that they also wanted to become like us, who shares the Bible to children when they grow up. There were 6 selected students who gave their testimonies, I was too busy and was able to picture only one of them. After their testimony we gave two awarding ceremonies, the first one is the top 5 in the Bible Exam (Old Testament). The second awarding ceremony are for the – most behaved among the big boys & girls, the most behaved among the little boys & girls, the most responsible, most diligent, most helpful, most talented and for all the children that helped me clean the place, prepare the props, prepare the food, transport the food from the 3rd floor to the second floor and the serving of the food to the guests.

Believe it or not they even volunteered to help me clean up after the party, I was so deeply touched by these little angels. They deserve all the rewards that they got, it made all my suffering worth it. God is Great.

The fourth part of our event were some games like Trip to Jerusalem , Simon Says and Group yourselves. Sorry, We have already joined the two divided groups of children into one large group during the Nativity Scene and during the games. They tend to be rowdy during the games, so we have to cut it short.

The final part of our event is the souvenir giving, we divided them into sub groups, because from past observation, younger children tends to waste school supplies, we decided to just give them coloring book instead.

Our beloved pastor- Pastor Carlos Noviste of Grace Bible Church from Nagtahan, came earlier at around 10 a.m. together with his bible teachers, he brought some clothes and books to surprise the kids, but has to leave early because he has to attend to a wedding. Since I have to prepare everything, even the food, we have no choice but to start at 11 a.m. I appreciate his coming together with the Bible teachers, but most of all I thank God for my little angels, my little student leaders whom I have assigned to fix the chairs, welcome the visitors, control the crowd from the gate, help me pack the food , transport it to the two rooms and distribute the food and juices to the children. I told these student leaders not to join the game to give others a chance, after all the kids left, we had games with my student leaders, it was a success.

Bambang Children’s Ministry Christmas Celebration

Without the help of U! Happy Events and God’s wisdom, I really don’t know how we could have pushed through with the play and the party as a whole, our funds was really very short and it would’ve crushed the heart of my selected students after so much practice, if we had pushed through without the costumes. At first I was planning to just buy the costumes due to time constraint from a costume shop, but since I have to squeeze both budget and time, I had to sacrifice no sleep just to finish the wings of the angel, but God sent someone I didn’t expect to help me finish the wings till early morning.

My deepest thanks to you and all your staffs, God answered our prayers through your kindness. Thank You and God Bless!


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