Kuya Ryan’s Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills

By most standards, bachelor parties happen nowhere near young ones. Kuya Ryan though had a different kind of party in mind. Last December 12, he gathered with a few people to surprise their good friends Kuya AJ and Ate Roselle (soon to be “Mr. and Mrs.”) for an event with the kids of Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Home (SOTH). This organization provides shelter, education and skills development programs for children, as well as the youth.

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the HillsAn intimate setting welcomed the excited volunteers. They got to introduce themselves one by one in front of the kids. A brief getting-to-know activity got everyone comfortable as they also got to come up with their own Christmas-themed group names.
A pair of games was in store next. First up was the Dance Showdown game. The energy definitely shot up in this game as everyone grooved, jumped and even rolled to popular dance songs. One of the groups soon stood out and won the game.
The next game was called Reverse Charades. In this game, all but one member of the group acts out the word or situation given. The remaining member then tries to guess the correct word being portrayed. It took only a number of rounds but one of the teams was able to figure out the answers the fastest, and thus winning the game and prizes for their kids.

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills
The main activity was next up for the kids and volunteers. Kuya Eric guided everyone in the face painting workshop. Needless to say, both the volunteers and kids had fun not only with the vibrant colors, but also with painting each other’s faces. The participants’ cheeks soon came to life with colorful shapes and characters they drew on each other.
Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the HillsThe groups finally settled down to share some more time together and of course, LUNCH! After the nourishing meal, the passionate friends distributed their school supplies as gifts to the kids. With their literally bright faces, the group gathered for a final picture as they wished each other a blessed Christmas ahead.
Thank U! to thoughtful people like Kuya Ryan, along with their very game friends, for allowing Kuya AJ and Ate Roselle to celebrate their upcoming union through a special ‘bachelor’s party.’ God bless to all of you!


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