Ate Maggie’s Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music

Margarette Ching or Ate Maggie celebrated her 18th birthday with Sparrow Music. It wasn’t a typical debu wherein its done in a hotel with a number of people. This one was an intimate time with 30 children. Maggie was also joined by her immediate family and one friend tagging along.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music
We set four events that day before our annual Christmas party. Being my first time there, I made considerable allowance to make it in time for our celebration. The location of Sparrow Music is in the heart of Payatas area. A stone throw away was the garbage dump.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow MusicBefore we had our mural workshop lead by Ate Blanca Fuentes, we had an interesting game called Sing It Like You Mean It. Before humming songs, we had each participant eat polvoron. The powdered dessert made it more difficult to figure out the Christmas tunes. It got quite competitive.

On our second mural here, the wall was smaller for 30 willing children. After a series of reminders, each one hurried to get their chosen colors with brushes and got assigned to particular area of the wall. Forty five minutes later, it was the volunteers turn while the children have their Jollibee.

Our plan is to paint more walls in their facility in 2016. We hope you can participate and volunteer with us. Thanks again to Ching family for sponsoring and taking the time to be with the children of Sparrow Music. Happy birthday Ate Maggie.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music


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