Kuya Daniel Dyre’s Dance Workshop with Right Start

Dance Workshop with Right Start

A rainy morning can’t dampen the high spirits of the children from Right Start and our U! Happy volunteers to celebrate our Christmas celebration and birthday of Ate Desiree Toledo’s son, Kuya Daniel Dyre.

Despite the heavy traffic caused by the holiday rush, the hectic schedules due to parties left and right, volunteers still trooped in at Right Start for a dance workshop.

Dance Workshop with Right Start

25 kids from a nearby community were gathered for a fun-filled event. On top of our Cheese Ring Relay game, one of our resident choreographers, Kuya Japox lead and taught the kids some groovy dance moves to the tune of some of the latest dance hits.

Ate Desiree and her family were very hands on in preparing with us this event. More so, during the activities itself. We really are excited when younger kids participate like Kuya Daniel at just 2 years old. These definitely somewhat enable them to appreciate their blessings more.

Dance Workshop with Right Start

You too, can create your own event to celebrate anything in your life. It maybe your birthday, a job promotion, a new job, an engagement. It is a nice alternative to your parties. There’s always reason to celebrate, and we hope U! keep us in mind.

Dance Workshop with Right Start


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