Deal Grocer’s Baking Workshop with Operation Blessing

Baking Workshop with Operation Blessing

Christmas season had our team attending events almost everyday. Sometimes as many as 6 on weekends. For this year, we are set to have 46 events this month. Now that’s a lot of planning, execution and happiness. For today, we got company, Deal Grocer. They offer top resorts, hotels, restaurants, fitness and other things to do, on sale- online.

Our contact Kimberly Siy was very persistent. She convinced us to squeeze in an event on this day. We glad we did. Fifty children from partner, Operation Blessing found us a venue in Makati to host a baking party. It was a fitting activity days before Christmas.

Baking Workshop with Operation Blessing

Together with volunteers, children learned how to prepare simple desserts like pastillas and choco balls. After minutes and hands filled with sweets, groups got to place them in gift packs. Yes, we also taught them the possibility of selling them with their families.

Deal Grocer also chose appropriate gifts for us to purchase as well. We gave each child a set of school supplies and hygiene kits. We make it a point to give out whats relevant and useful. Our photographer did its best to capture all those smiles as they receive their early Christmas presents.

We ended the rainy Tuesday with hugs! Thanks for this moment to remember Deal Grocer.

Baking Workshop with Operation Blessing


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