Kuya Myles’ Zumba with UNO Kids

Zumba with UNO Kids

It was another fun filled visit to UNO as the team headed to Makabata Guesthouse for a morning of exercise with 30 kids. We knew that the kids will not have a hard time with our workshop since UNO kids were very gifted in dancing. Our morning started with our sole volunteer, Kuya Myles, introducing himself to all the kids and core team members present. We then grouped the kids into 5 groups and gave them time to introduce themselves to each other and talk about their wish when they grow up as well as their favorite Christmas song.

To get the active day started, we first played a game of Make Me Stand. The groups were given 10 fast seconds each to ​stand upright as many cones possible. It was an intense game as we could feel that each group was competitive and wanted to win. It was Kuya Myles’ team who won as they only have 3 cones down compared to the others.

Zumba with UNO Kids

We then proceeded to the main activity for the day which was the Zumba Workshop to be facilitated by Kuya Alvin, a certified Zumba instructor. We had warm ups first then went on to the workshop. The kids were not that familiar with Zumba but after explaining that is a combination of dance and workout, they easily followed the instructions given by Kuya Alvin. A total of 4 songs were played with catchy Zumba songs to the delight of the kids. As a bonus, Kuya Alvin added the song Watch Me Nae Nae which was very popular with the kids.

Zumba with UNO KidsAfter the intense Zumba workout, we then decided to have a more relaxed atmosphere as the kids listened to Ate Amy, one of our officers, as she recounted the story of Christmas and point out the real reason of this season. It was not about the gifts or celebration or even Santa Claus but the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our Saviour. She stressed the importance of giving thanks for all the blessings He has given to us and the importance of Jesus in our lives. We hoped that with the story, the kids will have a better grasp of the true meaning of our celebration this Christmas season.

Eating time was next as the group were given​ a​ yummy lunch to fill their tummies after a very active morning spent with the volunteers. We also sang Happy Birthday to Kuya Myles who celebrated his birthday a week ago. Kuya Myles also distributed school supplies to the kids which they will use for their studies. He also shared to them the importance of education—like them, he also came from a poor family but valued the education given to him which eventually prompted him to do good in school and life in general. From humble beginnings, he aimed high and became a businessman. It was not an easy task but through hardwork and perseverance, his goal to succeed in life was achieved. That is why he has a mission to reach out to marginalized kids to hopefully inspire them to follow their dreams and reach their goals. We thank volunteers like Kuya Myles who has the desire to inspire and give back.

Zumba with UNO Kids


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