Montreal Family’s Charity Ski Event Benefits Children’s Hospital

Adam and Tammy Saskin have raised nearly $1 million for the Montreal Children’s Hospital from an annual skiing event.

The donors: Tammy Nemes-Saskin and Adam Saskin

The gift: Raising $955,000 and climbing

The cause: The Montreal Children’s Hospital

When Tammy Nemes-Saskin was pregnant with her first child, doctors noticed a rapidly growing tumour in the baby’s chest.

Ms. Nemes-Saskin underwent an emergency cesarean section and doctors removed the tumour and part of baby Zoe’s lung. The quick response saved Zoe’s life and she is now a healthy seven-year old.

“They never discovered what it was,” recalled Ms. Nemes-Saskin’s husband Adam, a lawyer at the Montreal-based firm of Spiegel Sohmer. “We count ourselves extremely lucky.”

The Saskins were so impressed by the care the family received at the hospital, and the skill of the doctors, that they began an annual fundraising event shortly after Zoe’s birth. The fundraiser centres around a day of skiing at Stowe, Vt., along with a dinner. Since it began seven years ago, Ski for the Children has raised $955,000, and about 100 people participate annually. The money has gone toward several projects at the hospital, including buying new equipment, building a family room and sponsoring educational programs.

The upcoming 2016 event, on March 19, will be the last one, as the Saskins plan to develop other fundraising activities for children. They hope to top the $1-million mark.

“It has grown in a way we never thought it could,” says Mr. Saskin. “For us it has been eye-opening.”




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