Night of Laughter for Children’s Charity

Richard Morton in Children's Respite Trust's charity comedy night

The Children’s Respite Trust’s Charity Comedy Night rolls into Eastbourne once again for a night of laughs on Friday February 12 at Langney Sports Club & Eastbourne Borough Football Club, in Priory Lane.

Doors open from 8pm and the comedy begins at 9pm.

The headline act, Richard Morton is a stand-up comedian, Time Out Comedy Award winner and founding member of the London Comedy Store’s long running Cutting Edge show. Richard has also been a regular support act on extensive UK theatre tours for stars such as Jack Dee, Jo Brand and Phil Jupitus.

Also on the bill are Drew Cameron, who was a semi-finalist on Britain’s Got Talent and Jake Lambert, who has just signed with Off the Kerb – agents for such acts as Michael MacIntyre and Dara O’Briain. The evening is to be hosted by resident compere Jim Grant of Eastbourne’s Oi Oi Comedy Club.

Let’s support this children’s charity event!




Kuya Ryan’s Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills

By most standards, bachelor parties happen nowhere near young ones. Kuya Ryan though had a different kind of party in mind. Last December 12, he gathered with a few people to surprise their good friends Kuya AJ and Ate Roselle (soon to be “Mr. and Mrs.”) for an event with the kids of Shepherd of the Hills Children’s Home (SOTH). This organization provides shelter, education and skills development programs for children, as well as the youth.

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the HillsAn intimate setting welcomed the excited volunteers. They got to introduce themselves one by one in front of the kids. A brief getting-to-know activity got everyone comfortable as they also got to come up with their own Christmas-themed group names.
A pair of games was in store next. First up was the Dance Showdown game. The energy definitely shot up in this game as everyone grooved, jumped and even rolled to popular dance songs. One of the groups soon stood out and won the game.
The next game was called Reverse Charades. In this game, all but one member of the group acts out the word or situation given. The remaining member then tries to guess the correct word being portrayed. It took only a number of rounds but one of the teams was able to figure out the answers the fastest, and thus winning the game and prizes for their kids.

Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the Hills
The main activity was next up for the kids and volunteers. Kuya Eric guided everyone in the face painting workshop. Needless to say, both the volunteers and kids had fun not only with the vibrant colors, but also with painting each other’s faces. The participants’ cheeks soon came to life with colorful shapes and characters they drew on each other.
Face Painting Workshop with Shepherd of the HillsThe groups finally settled down to share some more time together and of course, LUNCH! After the nourishing meal, the passionate friends distributed their school supplies as gifts to the kids. With their literally bright faces, the group gathered for a final picture as they wished each other a blessed Christmas ahead.
Thank U! to thoughtful people like Kuya Ryan, along with their very game friends, for allowing Kuya AJ and Ate Roselle to celebrate their upcoming union through a special ‘bachelor’s party.’ God bless to all of you!

Kenilworth Rugby Club Raises Hundreds for Warwickshire Children’s Charity

Kenilworth RFC with Olly the Brave

Kenilworth RFC raised hundreds of pounds in aid of Warwickshire charity Molly Olly’s Wishes at a lunch ahead of their match against Stratford.

A raffle and an auction was held during the lunch, and £1,700 was raised for the charity which supports children with life-limiting or terminal illnesses.

The charity’s lion mascot, Olly the Brave, was also in attendance. Cuddly toys of Olly are donated to hospitals and are designed to provide emotional support to children who are experiencing difficult treatments and unpleasant side effects through their illnesses.

Rachel Ollerenshaw, co-founder of Molly Olly’s Wishes, said: “We are hugely grateful to Kenilworth Rugby Club and its members and supporters.

“Particular thanks must go to Bonz Brown and Danny Rawlings for all their hard work, as well as to Peter Blakeman from Kenilworth RFC and the guests from Stratford RFC who joined in the fundraising.

“The event was really valuable to us, not only in terms of money but also in raising awareness of the work we do. Thank you to everyone who has supported us; it really does make the dark days brighter.”



Ate Maggie’s Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music

Margarette Ching or Ate Maggie celebrated her 18th birthday with Sparrow Music. It wasn’t a typical debu wherein its done in a hotel with a number of people. This one was an intimate time with 30 children. Maggie was also joined by her immediate family and one friend tagging along.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music
We set four events that day before our annual Christmas party. Being my first time there, I made considerable allowance to make it in time for our celebration. The location of Sparrow Music is in the heart of Payatas area. A stone throw away was the garbage dump.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow MusicBefore we had our mural workshop lead by Ate Blanca Fuentes, we had an interesting game called Sing It Like You Mean It. Before humming songs, we had each participant eat polvoron. The powdered dessert made it more difficult to figure out the Christmas tunes. It got quite competitive.

On our second mural here, the wall was smaller for 30 willing children. After a series of reminders, each one hurried to get their chosen colors with brushes and got assigned to particular area of the wall. Forty five minutes later, it was the volunteers turn while the children have their Jollibee.

Our plan is to paint more walls in their facility in 2016. We hope you can participate and volunteer with us. Thanks again to Ching family for sponsoring and taking the time to be with the children of Sparrow Music. Happy birthday Ate Maggie.

Mural Workshop with Sparrow Music

Bereaved Children’s Charity Penhaligon’s Friends Receives King Harry Ferry Passenger Donations

King Harry Ferry Colleagues

Cornish children’s bereavement charity Penhaligon’s Friends has received £3,800 raised from donations from ferry foot passengers.

on one of Cornwall’s most recognisable modes of transport, the King Harry Ferry.

The cause was selected as the King Harry Ferry Company’s chosen charity to support for 2015.

Foot passengers travel on the ferry between Feock and the Roseland for free but are invited to donate to its chosen charity.

Penhaligon’s Friends supports bereaved children, young people, parents and carers, offering the chance to meet others and share their experiences, as well as practical resources. The charity, which marked its 20th anniversary in 2015, also offers training and advice for childcare professionals and those interested in becoming volunteers.

Chantal Worden-Evans, from Penhaligon’s Friends, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have received such an amazing amount from The King Harry Ferry collection. This means everything to our small charity. Thank you to everyone who has donated and contributed in some way.”

This year’s chosen charity is Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.



Ate Irish’s Christmas Tree with Hospicio de San Jose

Christmas Tree Making with Hospicio de San Jose

With U! Happy, Christmas means more than spending quality time with family and friends, gifts, sumptuous meals and parties. This means more opportunities for us to spend quality time with our extended families, our beneficiaries, through the generous hearts of our sponsors and volunteers who want to give back especially this season.

Christmas Tree Making with Hospicio de San JoseThis Christmas becomes extra special because our sponsors and volunteers to choose to spend their hard-earned money and more importantly their time with the kids. Ate Irish together with her friends spent the 20th of December with their chosen charity, Hospicio de San Jose. This institution is social welfare institution which supports orphaned and children with special needs.

The team prepared an art workshop for the kids and volunteers to work on and enjoy. Each kid created their very own Christmas tree using the materials provided and guidance of their Ates and Kuyas. Everyone was so engrossed in the activity which later on produced the most creative Christmas trees ever made by these children. Truly, this activity made one of Christmas’ symbols really meaningful because of the bond created between the kids and volunteers.

Christmas Tree Making with Hospicio de San Jose

Apart from the art activity, we also played a couple of games which brought out the competitiveness of everyone, more so of the volunteers. They wanted to get those stars for their kids which would mean special prizes (story books) which the kids will truly enjoy.

Christmas Tree Making with Hospicio de San JoseOf course the celebration will not be complete without a simple “salu-salo” among the participants. Both the kids and volunteers shared a simple meal which was immediately followed by the gift giving activity. Ate Irish and her friends especially prepared gifts for the kids as a token and remembrance of the celebration they shared. The joy in the children’s eyes is just priceless; more than the gift itself, the feeling that someone cared to spend time and bond with them during this season makes Christmas all the more meaningful and blessed.

Activities like this prove that volunteerism remains to be in the hearts of people. It is heartwarming to know that there are still a lot of people who are willing to go out of their way to reach out and touch another soul. For as long as there are people who want to volunteer, U! Happy will continue to be a vehicle in affecting these children’s lives.

Stourport Bank Helps Local Children’s Charity

Stourport bank helps local children's charityA STOURPORT bank has donated money to local children’s charity Mentor Link worth £200.

Each year the TSB branch nominates a charity and in 2015 Stourport-based Mentor Link was chosen. The charity supports vulnerable and distressed children and young people.

Andrea Maddocks, Mentor Link CEO, said: “A big thank you to Hayley Roberts and her staff at TSB for nominating Mentor Link as it makes a great difference to the charity and the children that we support.

“Last year we supported more than 400 children and have achieved some great outcomes with them.

“We will be working with more schools in the Stourport area in 2016 and look forward to working with them all in the coming year.”



SnB’s Mural Workshop with San Antonio Elementary School

Mural Workshop with San Antonio Elementary School

Last December 13, members of the Small and Big Barkada (SnB), along with some of their husbands and children, played “ate” and “kuya” to 25 students of the San Antonio Elementary School in Makati City. The goal: to help the students beautify their surroundings by painting a mural on a portion of the school’s walls.

Mural Workshop with San Antonio Elementary SchoolBut of course, before getting down to “work”, the kids and volunteers first had some fun. They were divided into groups and asked to share some information about themselves. Then they were asked to come up with Christmas-themed team names. Everyone was probably too excited to think creatively, because the result were team names like “Christmas Gift,” “Happy Christmas,” and “Last Christmas.” The names were received with much laughter from everyone, and pretty much set the tone for the rest of the afternoon.

Indeed, what the participants lacked in creativity, they certainly made up for in their competitiveness and energy during the games. Whether it’s putting plastic cones upright during the Make Me Stand game, or passing along messages by “writing” on their teammates backs (Fax Machine game), everyone gave it their all by shouting encouragements, strategizing, and literally going down on their hands and knees to make sure things are done right. In the end, it didn’t even matter which team won, because everyone felt like a winner.

Mural Workshop with San Antonio Elementary SchoolWhen the time came to paint the mural, everybody listed raptly as Ate Blanca, U! Happy Events’ artist, explained the mechanics and procedure. There were two murals to be painted—one showed images depicting good values, while the other promoted love for learning. Some of the images were already pre-marked with assigned colors, to serve as a guide for the painters.

Everyone lined up patiently to get their paints and brushes, and proceeded to their pre-assigned spots on the wall. It took more than an hour to fill in all the colors in the mural, but in the end, despite sore arms and some paint splatter, everyone was proud of the finished product. Their reward for all the hard work: a yummy merienda of fried chicken, pork barbecue, noodles, lumpiang shanghai, and pichi-pichi from Amber’s. Gifts were then distributed, and volunteers and students hugged each other good-bye. A student was overheard telling a volunteer that she wished they would return to the same school next year, while another group promised to keep in touch with one another through Facebook.

This mural-painting session is part of the SnB members’ annual December children’s outreach activity, which they have called SnB Gives Back. This is their 7th year of partnering with U! Happy Events.

Mural Workshop with San Antonio Elementary School

Notts: Generous Customers Support Children’s Charity


Customers at the Nottinghamshire branch of HomeSense have raised £2,480 for the charity Action for Children.

Customers were asked to make a donation in exchange for a Christmas bauble, on which they could write a festive message or childhood Christmas memory to hang on the Christmas tree in the store.

The campaign raised funds for an Action for Children’s young carers service, which provides support to young people who have caring responsibilities for a relative with a long-term illness or disability.

Leila Barron, children’s services manager at Action for Children, said: “We’re extremely grateful to HomeSense customers for their wonderful support.

“We will put the generous donations towards taking our young people and their parents on trips such as going to the seaside, bowling, cinema or theatre.

“These excursions make such a difference to the everyday lives of young carers.”

Suzanne Inch, head of retail for HomeSense, added: “Thanks to our generous customers and associates, we’ve been able to make an enormous difference to the lives of the vulnerable children in our local communities.”



Kuya Daniel Dyre’s Dance Workshop with Right Start

Dance Workshop with Right Start

A rainy morning can’t dampen the high spirits of the children from Right Start and our U! Happy volunteers to celebrate our Christmas celebration and birthday of Ate Desiree Toledo’s son, Kuya Daniel Dyre.

Despite the heavy traffic caused by the holiday rush, the hectic schedules due to parties left and right, volunteers still trooped in at Right Start for a dance workshop.

Dance Workshop with Right Start

25 kids from a nearby community were gathered for a fun-filled event. On top of our Cheese Ring Relay game, one of our resident choreographers, Kuya Japox lead and taught the kids some groovy dance moves to the tune of some of the latest dance hits.

Ate Desiree and her family were very hands on in preparing with us this event. More so, during the activities itself. We really are excited when younger kids participate like Kuya Daniel at just 2 years old. These definitely somewhat enable them to appreciate their blessings more.

Dance Workshop with Right Start

You too, can create your own event to celebrate anything in your life. It maybe your birthday, a job promotion, a new job, an engagement. It is a nice alternative to your parties. There’s always reason to celebrate, and we hope U! keep us in mind.

Dance Workshop with Right Start