Singapore School of Manila’s Pop Up Card with Metro World Child

Event with Metro World Child

The Singaporean School of Manila’s Art Workshop with Metro World Child chose to celebrate their early Christmas Party with the children of Paranaque City instead planning the long weekend holidays to give smiles and love.

Event with Metro World ChildWe arrived at the place wherein there were almost 100 excited little children waiting for us to celebrate this day and the Ates and Kuyas were equally ready to meet them. Ate Te started the first game, the Dance Showdown! Everyone exhibited their best move as the beat of the music waves on! They were competitive and their goal was to win but there was one who made an impact– the school nurse that grabbed our attention when she started dancing the old time favorite Hawaiian theme “Pearly Shell” gracefully.

The kids were excited sitting on the floor as the next activity was their favorite, the magic show! They were amazed at the tricks of the magician. There was a named Makmak who was invited to act like a magician. This young, witty, little fella was in his good mood to do everything and because of that, everyone had a good laugh.

Event with Metro World Child

The last activity was the art workshop. They did a pop up card for their loved ones taught by Ate Karla Co. My heart was touched after reading their messages. They might be young at age but they already knew what love really means to their family.

And in every beginning, there’s an end. After our lunch and gift giving and some group shots, it was time to say goodbye to those little angels with a big hug and a smile on our face. ‘Til next time my dear little ones.‎ Thank you to Singapore School Manila faculty and administration for being a blessing to these kids.

Event with Metro World Child


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