Ate Bernadee’s Kite Flying with Concern

Kite Flying with Concern

It’s a new brand day for Ate Bernadee as she will celebrate her birthday with concern children of Marikina held in Marikina River Banks. The sky was painted with bluish tint and the gentle breeze were inviting us to come around and play to that open field.

Kite flying was Ate Bernadee’s choice with the help of Kuya Danny who has been mastered in doing kites for almost 40 years. He demonstrated the step by step in doing a simple kite. Our materials were colored Japanese paper, sticks from coconut palm (walis tingting), sewing needle and a tape. Kids chose their favorite color to create their own kite and followed Kuya Danny as he instructed to cut the paper into a diamond shape, cut the four corners off, tie two sticks together, thread a string to each corner and they add a small trips of material to the end of the kite for the added weight. Voila!! Our kite was ready to fly up in the sky!
We went out and started to run and throw up it in the air. Kids were so amazed while they were playing it. It was nice to see the new generation playing the classic childhood toy.

Thanks to Ate Bernadee for giving this day to experience a one-of-a-kind moment.

Kite Flying with ConcernKite Flying with ConcernKite Flying with Concernmarikina-73-800x533


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