Ate Julianne Celebrates with ECPAT

Event with ECPAT

We are Happy as more young people celebrate their birthdays through us. Instead of the usual parties in the club or out of town festivities, they have given more value to reaching out to children on their special day. Ate Julianne is only 22 years and she chose to have it with ECPAT.

Event with ECPATEnd Child Pornography and Child Prostitution and Trafficking for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT) is a non-governmental organisation and a global network of civil society organisations exclusively dedicated to ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Together with Ate Julianne’s family and close friends, I had a grand time hosting an afternoon filled with activities. We had three games prepared for our 4 teams. First was Golden Spoon. It was a game that required good strategy and team work to win. Simpy transfer water from a pail to a smaller container by just using a spoon. Second was Stack Me Up. Teams had to think though and network with others on how to stack different types of cups. Last and probably the hardest to execute was Cheese Ring Relay. Check the photos! It looked easy but everyone had a tough time winning.

Event with ECPAT

Ate Julianne’s family catered the event. We had Pancake House and Potato Corner. It was a first for us to have a treat like this for the children. Instead of the usual packed meals, we had Salisbury Steak, Spaghetti, Side Veggies, Tacos and Flavored Fries.

Last and final stop was a group photo and gift giving! Before saying goodbye, we asked everyone for a group hug! Thanking again the family of Julianne. Her brother Mikhel will be celebrating with us too on December!

Event with ECPAT


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