Cybersoft’s Parol Making with Kamuning Elementary School

Parol Making with Kamuning Elementary School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. What could be more joyful than spending this season with kids? The company Cyber Soft sponsored an art workshop event for the 4th to 6th grade children of Kamuning Elementary School. The event hosted by U! Happy Events started around 2pm with 40 kids and 40 volunteers ready to make PAROLS for Christmas. Everyone was divided into 6 groups, wherein they’re able to introduce themselves to each other and share moments about Christmas with their family.

Parol Making with Kamuning Elementary SchoolBefore the art workshop started, Ate Te, who hosted the event, did a warm up challenge for everyone so that kids and volunteers are able to get along with each other. A dance show down from the six groups was set up with a medley dance music prepared by Ate Weng. At the end of the game, Team Ba won the challenge. Also, another game was played that will challenge how well volunteers and kids communicate with each other. Again, this game was won by Team Ba who was so coordinated and projected a very good team work. With that, Children from Team Ba received prizes for their efforts.

Parol Making with Kamuning Elementary School

After the challenging games, Ate Blanca took the floor and started to teach children and volunteers on how to create an artsy parol for Christmas. All the groups were given materials for the parol making, handed by the U! Happy Events core team. Excitement is overflowing as they start to cut,
form and paste the materials to create the parol. Volunteers and the kids work hand in hand to insure that their parol is incomparable.

Also, children and volunteers were treated for a sumptuous snack prepared by the team. And how could we end an event without a group picture from all the volunteers and kids? No doubt, those photos reflect happy faces from everyone who made the day a joyful Christmas afternoon for the children.

Parol Making with Kamuning Elementary School


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