UP Cradle Children’s Fair for Aetas

UP Cradle Children’s Fair

Last November 15, 2015, the UP Children’s Rights Advocates League, in celebration of the National Children’s Month this November, held a fundraising event, entitled “Jungletown Children’s Fair” at the UP Town Center Amphitheater. This event aims to help the Aeta Community in Porac, Pampanga or the Mission Katutubo Village.

UP Cradle Children’s FairThere were a variety of activity booths that kids (and the kids at heart) can visit and participate in. U! Happy Events offered free face painting that afternoon. A lot of kids who attended the Children’s Fair visited and dropped by our booth to have their faces painted with cartoon characters that they loved, be it Spiderman, Ironman or Superman. They also requested to be painted with Despicable Me characters, a pet dog, or skulls and bones painted, though it was already past Halloween. One group had their group logo painted on their faces as well. This simple activity brought smiles to many faces that day, both kids and young adults even, and most especially to me, Kuya Eric the artist and Kuya Ed the photographer.

UP Cradle Children’s Fair

As the kids were being painted on, their companions, parents or guardians, constantly asked what U! Happy Events was about and who we were. They were amazed at wide range of communities that we reach out to. Some of the people who had inquired earlier even came back with a friend so we can explain again to them who we are and what we do. This made me realize that a lot of people want to experience the joy of giving, a lot of people are willing to share their time and talents, a lot of people just really want to help other people. U! Happy Events made it possible for me to experience all these.

UP Cradle Children’s Fair


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