Improving Reading – Gaining Confidence

Children in the PhilippinesIt’s now two years since Typhoon Haiyan brought devastation to the Philippines, affecting 14 million people. Amidst the rebuilding in East Samar, the country’s poorest district, has been a real need to help children who had fallen behind in their education.

Six months after the typhoon, it was reported that one in three children had not returned to school, mostly teenagers who were being held back by increased family commitments. Catch-up education is vital for those who are able to return.

In response to this need, Viva’s partner network PCMN has held a two-dayTeaching Children training course for 33 teachers in the town of Lawaan in Eastern Samar.

The goal of the training was to help these teachers better facilitate their learning session on reading and comprehension with the 1,000 children that are in the PCMN tutorial programme.

One of the teachers from the local high school in Lawaan said that the training was very helpful because it focused her on helping students to improve their reading skills.

Volunteers in the PhilippinesThis will allow them to become better students, not only in their English subjects but also in every other subject taught at school.

She said, “Thanks to this programme these students are gaining more confidence in their studies and therefore will have a better opportunity to finish high school and go to college.”




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