National Youth Congress’ Sparkonomics 2015

National Youth Congress

I had the privilege to share about the vision and the current service we do at U! Happy Events. After which I got to listen to four groups to pitch their own dream projects for children’s education. It was proud moment to hear out of the box and meaningful concepts from High School students. I applauded one group in particular for being creative and mindful about the current state of learning.

Here is an overview of Sparkonomicks under the National Youth Congress 2015.

The National Youth Congress Organizing Body, a partnership between two of the prime student organizations in the University of the Philippines Diliman – the UP Economics Society (UP ECOSOC) and the UP School of Economics Student Council (UP SESC). As two of the leading student bodies in the University, both in number and in influence, they have jointly promoted service and utmost excellence to the community and the wider society through worthwhile and meaningful activities that cater to the youth of today.

Now on its 12th year, the annual National Youth Congress is a nation-wide convention which acquaints high school students with the basic economic concepts and shows them the relevance of Economics in the context of today’s society. NYC continues its legacy in delivering relevant and comprehensive economic discussion for the youth and the nation’s future by using the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals as the lens through which the delegates could take a look at the state of the Philippines. The event proper was held November 14, 2015, November 15, 2015 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

A campaign competition for NYC 12, entitled Sparkonomics 2015 happened on the second day of the congress, November 15, 2015 at the National Institute of Physics, UP Diliman. This campaign competition needed the involvement and participation of NGOs, to be able to provide a more holistic and well-rounded congress for the students.


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