Kuya Oliver’s Baking Workshop with Little Lights

Baking Workshop with Little Lights

The longest festive season in our country is here and mostly of the people are preparing for this holiday event. The foods are all well planned in preparation of Noche Buena where all families will spend time together. This is children’s favorite month and also for us who is young at heart. It is the time when we are allowed to go back and reminisce our childhood days while maybe sitting under the Christmas Tree. And during this month, cookies play an important role as we used them as giveaways to our loved ones and friends. Today, Kuya Oliver sets a workshop with Little Light Ministry children. Through this, those little hands will create their own cookies with their hands.

Baking Workshop with Little LightsBaking is a fun hobby, a rewarding skill to master. It requires a meticulous measurements to arrive in your desired product whether if it is a cookies, cakes or breads. This young little girl named Sasha, aged 9, mastered the art of baking through the help of his supportive father, Lakan. She taught the kids to create their own cookies. Who would have thought that she had this passion. After showing the steps, it was the kids together with Ates and Kuyas turn to shine. Let’s see if they can captive our hungry tummy! There were five tables and there were a bunch of bared cookies and cupcakes, sprinkles, chocolates beads, icing with different vibrant colors. Kuya Harvard gave them only 30 minutes to design it. The loveliest and fairest will deserve a prize. In this workshop, our goal was to train them to work with quality and fancy a good outcome under time pressure. Kids from Groups 2 and 3 were declared as winners. Actually for us, they were already winners since the time they imagine and touched it.

Baking Workshop with Little LightsOur event will not be exciting if there was no games. Since it was intended for our adorable children, Kuya Harvard started the first game and he called it “Let It Go”, YES! You heard it right. The motion sound track of Disney movie, Frozen. But the kids, Ate’s and Kuya’s wont be able to practice their vocal words to sing their heart out if you’re thinking that way. They were going to use their energy, to expel the air out of their lungs, their wind pipes will do the major part to blow the balloon then deflate it and see how far it will go, then back to first step. Inflate and deflate until they reach the finish line. It was quite exhausting game I may say but it was really fun to watch. My group won this time. Second games was called “Make It Stand!” where all the cones scattered wide away and tumble it all down intentionally. The mechanics of the games was to make it stand as many as you can within 10 seconds. In this game, we were going to look who’s the fastest among the groups. They were all competitive and their eagerness to win were very visible.

Baking Workshop with Little Lights

Kids enjoyed their spaghetti and chicken as their merienda. I guess they were all tired after the activity earlier. Thanks to Kuya Oliver, Ate Malou and friends for making this possible. They were all received pillows and gifts that was prepared. Returning all the blessings and volunteering is an act of kindness. And since, it was Kuya Oliver’s birthday, kids sang with all their heart a “Happy Birthday” and gave a warm, tight hug. Truly, when you blessed others, the windows of heaven will open to pour everything you needed. Shine Kuya Oliver and her fiancee, Ate Malou.


Head of US-Based Charity Group Honored in Manila

Pinoy head of US-based charity group honored in ManilaWORLD MEDICAL Relief Incorporated President and Chief Executive Officer George V. Samson was recently honored for donating medical equipment and medicines to Manila.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada recently presented Samson with the key to the city.

In a resolution sponsored by Councilors Bernardito C. Ang and Marlon M. Lacson, , the city council said that under Samson’s leadership, “WMRI has made tremendous contributions to the City of Manila through the donations of containers-filled with life-saving equipment and supplies to the city’s hospitals.”

Samson, a native of Magalang, Pampanga, was a Most Outstanding Kapampangan Awardee in 2010. He was also a finalist in the TOFIL Awards (The Outstanding Filipino) in 2011.

He was accompanied at the recognition rites by his wife Dr Sheila Samson and WMRI Ambassador of Health Dr. David Zarate who also travelled to strife-torn areas in Mindanao to distribute donations of medical supplies, equipment, medicines to hospitals and people.

WMRI was established in 1953 by Irene M. Auberlin, a housewife from Detroit, who organized and gathered her friends to help about 400 children who were orphaned by the Korean War. Auberlin has been called the “Mother Theresa od Detroit” because of her missions of mercy.

For the past two years alone, WMRI shipped about millions of dollar worth of medicines and medical equipment to Afghanistan, Botswana, Congo, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Haiti, Jordan, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey and Uganda.


Source: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/

Ate Tracy’s Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little Children

Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little Children

When planning a birthday celebration, some took a little time and some just made a quick decision. Some plan to have a long-weekend out of town or a night that full of blast party but the one who’s with us today is Ate Tracy Abad, a sophisticated, talented and pretty DJ who chose to celebrate her day along with kids of Jesus Loves the Little Children Foundation.

Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenAte Tracy invited her friends and family to be part of her day and to extend their loving arms to our dearest children. We were all delighted seeing them as excited as a bee. So they were grouped accordingly by Kuya Harvard and the game will begin in a short while. Ice cream and fishball cart were in the corner by the way and it’s for FREE! Grab as much as you want!

As they were in their respected groups, they started to introduce themselves as part of building trust and teamwork. Our first game was called “Press and Tap”, a relay game that will test everyone’s capability to communicate properly by simply using their hands. When Kuya Harvard asked to do “tap”, the participants will just used their thumbs, raised the hula hoops on the last member and when it’s “press” squeezed it tightly and ring the hulahoops at then end. The fast and correct one will win the game.

Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little Children

Right communicating was the test for our first game, our next game will measure how fast we can fit ourselves in the ring continuously without using their bare hands. The grouped was asked to queue sideward with hands being together. And when they started to move, they were like a wiggly worm trying to go inside the ring! It was great laugh indeed! Great teamwork everyone!

Egg Shaker with Jesus Loves the Little ChildrenAnd finally, Kuya Robby, our art master prepared his little cute Maracas made from Plastic Easter Eggs rocked on! He demonstrated step by step on how to do it. Little by little, kids have their own two little colorful improvised maracas and ready to use to single a jingle carols.

Before ending the event, they had their meal and received their presents from ate Tracy and company! And in exchange, the adorable kids using their handmade maracas sing a happy birthday and was surprised when she saw that there was a cake ready for her. Be a channel of blessings and you’ll be blessed abundantly.

Maaga ang Pasko Caravan brings early Christmas Cheer to Children in PGH

Jollibee’s Maaga ang Pasko caravan brought holiday cheer to the 200 pediatric patients of the Philippine General Hospital as the first in line for the Maaga gift-giving caravan. Now on its 21st year, the longest-running toy and book donation drive in the country once again spread happiness to kids in different parts of the Philippines this Christmas season.

The pediatric patients received toys and books from the generous customers of the country’s leading fast food chain as early Christmas presents handed over by Jollibee employees led by Jollibee Philippines president Joseph Tanbuntiong. The kids were also treated to a special performance by Jollibee and had their fill of their favorite langhap-sarap treats.

Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko Caravan

During the event, Jollibee executives also officially turned over the company’s P1 million donation to the PGH Foundation to bring hope and relief to the patients. The funds will be used for the purchase of eight infusion pumps, devices that help deliver fluids such as nutrients and medication to patients, for the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Isolation ward. Other parts of the fund will be used for the Charity Patients Medical Fund to provide financial assistance to the sick and enable them to purchase medicine, special laboratory tests and medical supplies.

“We hope that this simple gesture of generosity, made possible by our customers, employees and our campaign partners, will help bring the spirit of Christmas to these kids. This is what Maaga ang Pasko is all about, to bring the joy of the season to more kids across the country through the magic of toys and books,” says Tanbuntiong.

Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko Caravan

Throughout the holiday season the Maaga ang Pasko caravan will be making several stops to carry out its annual gift-giving activities for many child beneficiaries. Jollibee also teamed up with Philippine Toy Library, an organization that transforms idle spaces in barangays and schools into fun and educational playrooms, to give Christmas cheer to more kids, including those in far-flung areas.


Source: http://thestandard.com.ph/

Kuya Miguel Celebrates with Living Faith in Jesus Ministry

Living Faith in Jesus Ministry EventIt is another busy saturday for the team of U! Happy Events. One of the events in the afternoon was held at Living Faith in Jesus Ministry in Las Pinas. In the midst of the holiday traffic our sponsors made it in time. It was the birthday celebration of Ate V. It was coordinated by her husband Kuya Miguel.

We grouped the well-behaved children of the ministry and the volunteers. This was a opportunity to get to know one another. We asked the kids to talk about what they wanted to be when they grew up and the volunteers to talk about the current job. Kuya Miguel works for an international hotel conglomerate which is inspiring since one of the teen member of the ministry is taking up Hotel and Restaurant Management and she said she also wanted to manage a hotel after she graduates. Most of the children wanted to the firemen, policemen, and doctors. We also asked the groups to come up with their group names. One group came up with a funny group name Dakilang Samahan ng mga Polis at Doctor, since all the kids in the group wanted to become policemen and doctors. The other groups came up with touching group names like Team Faith and Team Kapwa. The kids chose the name because it is their goal to help others.

Living Faith in Jesus Ministry Event

We were first entertained by watching a spectacular magic show. The kids were delighted as they watched the magician perform several tricks. He wore a metal cylinder on his arm and the kids were amazed as he lit the fire on his arm. He also called on a kid volunteer to perform with him. He gave him a wand which kept on bending. The children were laughing as the kid in front tried to keep the wand straight.

Living Faith in Jesus Ministry EventAfter watching the show we played the bring me cutout game. The teams have to cut out on a piece of paper the items we asked for. The catch is that each of the group members should do their own cutout. The fastest team wins. In light of the holiday season we asked them to cut out christmas tree, a gift, angel, snowman, star, and santa. Some of the kids were really creative as their cutouts looked really nice.

After the game the kids did a dance performance for our volunteers. Jerome, RT, JR, and Jomar showed us their best dance moves. The audience cheered for their favorites.

We then watched exciting acrobatic show. The children watched in delight as the team of four did all kinds of acrobatic tricks. They stood on top of each other creating a 3-person tower. It was nerve racking to watch as they balanced themselves. They did tumbles on top of a chair.

Living Faith in Jesus Ministry Event

We played our last game Paint me a Picture. The teams have to act out the scene that we asked for and held the pose as we went around to judge who was the best team. We asked them to act out shopping mall, church, noche buena, and caroling scene. It was fun to watch as the teams tried to be as innovative as they can be in interpreting the scene. For instance during the shopping mall scene, one team all faced the front and pretended they were watching a movie in a theater while eating popcorn. Another team posed as mannequins and shoppers. In the noche buena scene some members even posed as the lechon!

After our fun games we had our snacks and gift giving. We gave them school supplies and story books. We sang a happy birthday song to Ate V and thanked her for celebrating her birthday with us. Ate V also gave a message to the kids telling them to study hard. The kids then thanked the volunteers as they said their goodbyes.

Living Faith in Jesus Ministry Event

Shoppers Donate More than 5,000 Toys for Children in Need in South Wales


Cardiff shoppers have donated more than 5,000 toys to children who are in need this Christmas , with the appeal – run by the St David’s Shopping Centre – exceeding its target.

The charity aimed to collect 4,000 toys to donate to various charities across Wales, but have reached 5,200 thanks to the generosity of Christmas shoppers.

From December 1, shoppers were encouraged to buy an extra Christmas gift for a less fortunate child and drop it off at the St David’s donation station.

The appeal ended on Tuesday, December 22, and a team of helpers have made sure that all gifts are being delivered safely in time for Christmas.

Eleven charities will benefit

Thanks to the generosity of donors, St David’s have been able to donate the toys to four additional charities. In total, 11 Welsh charities have benefited from the donations.

They include Ty Hafan , Llamau, Home­Start, Valleys Kids, George Thomas Hospice, Sparkle, Barnados Cymru, Dreams and Wishes, Action for Children, Cardiff Women’s Aid and Barry Beavers.

Steven Madeley, general manager at the shopping centre, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have supported these fantastic local charities to help bring some Christmas magic to the children and young people they represent.

“We are so grateful to our generous customers who have not only helped us hit our ambitious target, but have surpassed it, allowing us to give even more gifts to children across Wales who may not have the Christmas that we enjoy every year.

“We want to thank our shoppers for the overwhelming amount of donations, and we hope that our Toy Appeal has made a big difference to children across South Wales.”


Source: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/

Film Showing, 1 Day, 1 Araw with Little Lights

Film Showing with Little Lights Children

Thanks to Ate Jen Uy, she connected us to Ate Honey Cruz who organizes events including shoots for movies and TV. We got to invite 30 children to Meralco Main Theater for a special screening. The kids were also treated to dinner by the organizers.

The movie, 1 Day 1 Araw (I Saw Nakakita) is starred by child wonder, Alaina Jezl Ocampo or AJ. She is joined by father and son, Alvaro and Niño, Lara, John, Allen, Ritz Azul, Jake Fernando, and Nikka Sarki. It is directed by Dinky Doo. It is most likely to be officially aired starting January 2016.

We truly appreciate exposures like this that we believe are also learning experience for the children.

Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil Lifts the Lid on his Charity Work Off the Pitch

Mesut Ozil

Arsenal fans are well aware of Mesut Ozil’s penchant for assisting his team-mates on the pitch but Gooners may not be aware of how he’s also helping others off it.

Ozil is having the season of his life for the Gunners, after providing 13 assists in the Premier League, but the 27-year-old is determined to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

The German playmaker has explained his involvement in charity work and revealed the humble beginnings which have made him the way he is.

‘I want to help people in need but I don’t want people to know I’m doing it,’ Ozil told the Times.

‘Usually I don’t like talking about it. I come from a background where you don’t show off the good things you do. It’s modesty.

‘My aim is helping kids. Kids are the future. I love children. I’m thinking of my own childhood. I know where I’m from. If I wanted something, I couldn’t get it. Life wasn’t easy.’

Mesut Ozil

Last year, it was revealed Ozil had begun inviting disabled children to his private box for Arsenal’s home games at the Emirates and during the World Cup in Brazil, he financed German doctors to visit villages in the Amazon to operate on children with cleft palates.

This started with just 11 operations but, after Ozil’s Germany had lifted the trophy at the Maracana, another 23 children had received treatment – now Ozil’s doctors are in Africa.

‘Things I didn’t have in the past I try to give to kids. I know how it feels not to have things. We were poor but we had enough food to eat,’ Ozil went on to explain.

‘It was a big family, four kids, and it was not like you could just go and buy something. But we had the essentials, the food.’

Ahead of tonight’s Premier League tie with Manchester City, every member of Arsene Wenger’s squad will be donating a day’s wages to raise funds for the children of Arsenal Foundation.


Source: http://metro.co.uk/

Ate Diana’s Belly Dancing with Holy Family Home

Belly Dancing with Holy Family HomeAs we usher ourselves to the busiest time for everything on the month of December, we try our best to move some events to November. As of this writing, we have more than 40 events for next month. Partner with us to be a core team member so we can gracefully activate them.

Ate Diana Meneses hopes to be a core team one day. She met us last November 29 for the first time to celebrate her birthday with 25 children of Holy Family Home. It is a non-profit organization managed by the Congregation of the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters of the Holy Family. They provide long-term residential care, protection, and rehabilitation for , neglected, orphaned, and physically abused girls. The foundation aims to give the girls under its care with complete service that caters to the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child.

Belly Dancing with Holy Family Home

We prepared a balance of activities from Bring Me Art game, Magic Show and Belly Dancing Workshop. Each activity enabling interaction among children and their partner, Kuyas and Ates. Ate Diana also gave colorful teddy bears and school supplies on top of a hefty merienda of Jollibee!

We can be a blessing when we choose to. We can change lives one person at a time. We invite you to be part of what we are doing in providing better opportunities for children. Thank you once again Ate Diana and family.

Belly Dancing with Holy Family Home

Belly Dancing with Holy Family Home

An Interview Regarding “Give Kids A Smile” Charity Event

I recently found out about a charity event called Give Kids A Smile from my father, a dentist. Dentists across the country provide free dental care for children who can not afford it, giving thousands of kids brand new smiles. Since there is no better way than giving back to get into the holiday spirit, my interest was peaked. This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Cavan Brunsden, a dentist from my home state of New Jersey who helps run the program.

Sam: Tell me a little bit about Give Kids A Smile. How many years has it been ongoing? What led to the creation of the program?

Dr. Brunsden: This program actually began 14 years ago when the American Dental Association decided to develop a national public outreach campaign to address the issues associated with children who were demonstrating that they had difficulty accessing dental care for a variety of reasons. Some of it was financial, others had transportation issues. But in general, it basically meant that people with children were not bringing them to the dentist. Our national statistics indicate that about 50% of all children did not go to the dentist last year who were eligible to go. Many of them were fully insured, either through federal insurance programs or other private insurances. But they still didn’t go. So we removed all financial barriers by making it free. So we called the program Give Kids A Smile, to be a day of free dental care for all children under the age of 12 in America.

Sam: What have results for the program looked like thus far?

Dr. Brunsden: We put together marketing programs on a state by state basis, and each state decided to develop its own program, with their freedom, and their resources. In New Jersey, I was asked to manage the program for the New Jersey Dental Association. Since the inception of the program in New Jersey, we’ve delivered care to close to 40,000 children and delivered over 6,000,000 dollars in free dental care to these children.

Sam: Wow, that’s incredible! It sounds like the program has succeeded phenomenally so far.

Dr. Brunsden: This program was selected as the #1 program in America this year by the American Dental Association when they provided the 2015 Smile Champion Award to myself and the New Jersey Dental Association for our Give Kids A Smile program. Our program is state wide, we have 160 private dental offices who give us their office for the day, provide volunteer dentists, and market the program within their own community. As a result, we typically see 1500 to 2000 kids in that one day.

"Give Kids A Smile" Charity Event

Dr. Brunsden: That is a very good question. Our standard program, our template, goes like this: every child receives a comprehensive exam. If they have no immediate dental needs, they go through a complete cleaning process for prophylaxis cleanings and fluoride. If they can benefit from dental sealants, then they all receive dental sealants. If a child needs emergency dental care, they receive immediate emergency dental care. And if they have restorative care needs, they are assigned to a dentist who will follow up and complete all of their care. In my office last year we saw about 88 children, I think, and out of them 45 of the kids needed continued dental care. They got all of that care provided in my office.

Sam: You would think that most of these children would need that level of care, seeing as how many of them had not seen a dentist for a long period of time, if ever at all.

Dr. Brunsden: In many cases, the kids had significant needs. Luckily, we were able to take care of them. One of the other things that we do in this program that I think is very valuable is many of these families have never gone to a dentist for a variety of reasons, which could be financial, or it could be that they are petrified of how their child is going to behave. Or they might just be intimidated with the whole idea of having to make an appointment. And the beautiful thing is that we provide an opportunity for the children to establish a trusting relationship in our office. We hope that by opening up the door in this way, that folks will recognize the value of dentistry in their child’s life and create a relationship with a dental practice that lasts for a lifetime.

Sam: As a dentist, how do you go about establishing that trust, both with the child and with the child’s parents?

Dr. Brunsden: On Give Kids A Smile day, when the children enter our office, they are greeted by the Tooth Fairy in full costume.

"Give Kids A Smile" Charity Event

Sam: Oh wow, how neat!

Dr. Brunsden: They have fun games to play, and they get a name tag on their shirt. The next thing you know, they think they’re at the carnival on a field trip. And they are all as happy as can be. We rarely see any kind of bad behavior on Give Kids A Smile day. We see young children acting accordingly, but I think that the frivolous fun and entertaining atmosphere go a long way in making the kids have a very nice time.

Sam: So when is this event happening again for people to attend with their children?

Dr. Brunsden: It is the first Friday of February every year! We will be seeing children under the age of 12 between the hours of 9 A.M and 3 P.M. This is our 14th year, and we’ve got a great program planned out!

Sam: Sounds great! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me.

Dr. Brunsden: You are very welcome!


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/