Globe and Huawei’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati 1 of 2

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng MakatiWe were back again at Ospital ng Makati (OSMAK) for another colorful day. This is part of our mural painting program of the pedia ward. This is our sixth event this year at OSMAK and eighth event to date. For the mural paintings earlier this year we’ve done Under the Sea, Desserts and Candies, Cars, and Carousel. We’ve also done a flower chandelier workshop with the kids before. Today we partnered with volunteers from Globe Telecom and Huawei.

For today’s mural painting the theme was Toys. Our painters Kuya Robby and Ate Blanca painted trains, legos, teddy bear, and rocking horse. For a more feminine touch they also painted dolls and teacups.

Kuya Robby asked the volunteers to choose which area they wanted to paint and he guided them as they personally picked their own color combinations. We partnered the kids with the ates and kuyas so they can paint together. The volunteers served as inspiration as they guided the children and bonded with them.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Some children at the ward were sick with pneumonia. Others have more serious illness like leukemia and they were there for the treatment. At a young age the kids were going through a tough time. Some of them have been in and out of the hospital and they’ve spend a lot of time there. Children usually do not like hospitals so it was nice to see the previously white walls being transformed into something vibrant. The least we could do for the kids was to create a more lively environment. It was nice to see them be happy even for just a couple of hours as they joyfully painted. Some of the kids had so much fun that they kept asking if they could paint more. As Van Gogh said: “The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting.”

After the painting session we played a paint the emotion game where the groups were given a specific emotion and they had to simultaneously act it out by holding the pose. It was fun to see the volunteers and kids act out funny expressions.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We then had our early lunch and gift giving provided by the volunteers. After the day’s activities we handed over some gifts from the sponsors to the doctors of the pedia ward. Some items included chairs for the kids and wheel chair.


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