Ate Rona’s Music and Games with Bahay Maria

Music and Games with Bahay Maria

One of most preferred donations of our sponsors is Bahay Maria orphanage in Bel Air Makati. It is wanted for its convenient location inside the village and more so for the adorable little girls that live there. They are filled with energy and happiness.

Sponsor and birthday celebrant, Ate Rona Angeles had a unique event experience for us. Being a great singer, she tagged along friends who perform as well. They had a mini concert going and we divided these into two parts. They sang three songs in each set. The children showed appreciation as they sang along and danced too.

Music and Games with Bahay Maria

In between these two were games to get the volunteers and children closer to each other. The first one was Act Now. I gave them a series of connected scenarios they can act on together. The difference of this with Paint A Picture is movement. Teams had to execute actions to portray a scene. It was like short videos.

The second game was Dance Showdown. Most of the girls learn dance by themselves and we saw these live. Here teams choose a leader that to mirror dance with. Point is given to teams who show unique and fitting dance moves plus cohesiveness in the steps together.

Music and Games with Bahay Maria

Before we bid goodbye to a wonderful bonding time, Ate Rona and friends distributed small gifts items to the children. They were given treats! No tricks, just lots of blessings.


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