Liza Soberano Plans to Celebrate Debut with 4 Charity Events

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil

MANILA, Philippines – “I’m not really big on gifts. I like giving back on my birthday,” Liza Soberano said during the press launch of Camp Courage of Johnson & Johnson when asked about her preferred gift for her birthday on Wednesday.

According to the ABS-CBN star, who will turn 18 on January 4, she would rather give away stuff than receive big gifts.  Therefore, she plans to have four charity events in celebration of her 18th birthday.

“I’m gonna request sana help from my endorsements to help me so that I have my giveaways to give sa charity events ko,” said Liza when asked about how she is planning to organize the events.

Despite her popularity, Soberano is keen on having a simple, intimate celebration.

“Ayoko po talaga… as I said, nervous po ako ‘pag madaming tao. Like kunwari Star Magic Ball, kinakabahan na po ako,” she explained.

“I’d rather keep it simple and nasa comfort zone ko kasi birthday ko, so I should enjoy. Ayoko yung ma-stress ako sa debut ko kasi ninenervous ako, kailangan uptight ako, ganun,” added Soberano, who also mentioned about not being comfortable on wearing ball gowns and the like.

The “Just the Way You Are” star also revealed that she isn’t much of a fan when it comes to prepping for her own birthday. Contrary to how hands-on she is on preparing her siblings’ birthday parties, she isn’t really doing the same for herself.

“I’m not preparing anything [for my birthday]. I’m having other people prepare it for me,” she said.




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