HR Mall’s Social Media Talk with San Antonio Elementary School

HR Mall’s Social Media Talk

It was a fun Saturday morning at San Antonio Elementary School. The volunteers from HR Mall were all enthusiastic as they arrived at the venue. HRMall is a business process outsourcing company focused on providing human resource related services. Ate Kath of HR Mall have personally been wanting to volunteer with U! Happy Events. At the same time, their department wanted to do some outreach activity. Fortunately Ate Kath was able to create this event with her HR Mall co-workers.

HR Mall’s Social Media TalkThe cheerful ates and kuyas introduced themselves by spelling their names using body language. The kids then picked the winner by giving the loudest cheer to their favorites.

The ice breaker was followed by our getting to know activity where the volunteers and kids were formed into groups so they could get a chance to ask questions about each other.

We then played a fun calamansi relay game. Each player held a spoon with the calamansi while they had to go around the chair as fast as they could without dropping the calamnsi. An additional challenge to the game as everytime the calamansi fell on the ground the player had to start all over again. It was an intense game as everyone was shouting and cheering. It was so intense that we had to cool down a bit after the game as everyone was still excited.

HR Mall’s Social Media Talk

We then moved on to the main event which was a talk by Kuya Niko about social media responsibility. We live in a world of social media. People post anything under the sun and sometimes it’s the children that are put at risk. Most of the kids have access to computers and internet. We wanted to teach the kids the proper use of social media. Kuya Niko started by showing photos of people who became popular through social media. For instance, he showed photos of Al-Dub and the make up transformation phenomenon of Paolo Ballesteros. The kids recognized everyone in the photos. Most of the kids have twitter and facebook accounts and are updated with these pop culture. The kids were taught to put hard-to-guess passwords to protect their accounts. Everything we post on social media becomes viral in a second so it was important to keep reiterating to the kids the need to be careful when using any of form social media.

After the educational talk we then had our lunch and gift giving. The kids received school supplies from our sponsors. It was indeed an educational and fun-filled morning for both the kids and volunteers.

HR Mall’s Social Media Talk


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