Primer Group of Companies Celebrates with Haven for Children

Haven for Children

For the second time, one of the biggest clothing retailers partnered with us for an event. It as for a particular company Brat Pack who spearheaded this worthwhile encounter with 137 boys of Haven for Children.

Haven for Children is the national center for street children recovering from substance abuse. Ages 7-13 yrs. old all are boys from different places of the Philippines.

Haven for Children

Since there were only a few volunteers and 2 core team present, it was a handful to get the boys to listen. One of the volunteers actually helped me manage the crowd. As we built familiarity they eventually followed our activities set for them.

We did three interactive games which they played amongst themselves. We had the Bato Bato Pick via rubber bands. Get to know your opponent then fight them once. You win, you get 1 rubber band. The goal is to get the most. Everyone started with 5, the winner had 26! Wow.

Haven for Children

We also had an impromptu change of game which I abruptly called Kuya Harvard says. I say a command they follow. The last Dance Showdown which I enjoyed witnessing. Three big groups selected a leader to follow. The most creative steps and group coordination wins.

After we gave out merienda, each participant also received school supplies. I look forward to coming back and meeting the boys who will be great men someday. Thanks once again Primer and Brat Pack.


Child Health Advocate Crowned Miss World-Philippines 2015

Miss World-Philippines 2015

A 24-year-old Filipino-Chinese print and commercial model children’s health advocate was crowned Miss World Philippines 2015 during a televised pageant at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Paranaque City early Monday morning.

Hillarie Danielle Ang Parungao of Nueva Vizcaya bested 25 other candidates for the chance to represent the Philippines to the Miss World 2015 pageant in Sanya, China on December 19,

Parungao likewise received several special awards such as best in swimsuit, best in evening gown, best in fashion runway and best in sports challenge.

“My philosophy always relies on compassion which can open doors to challenges in life. In compassion, we get to understand people, and in understanding people, we become a better society,’ said the 5’7 beauty during the question and answer portion.

“Let us not forget why I will be on stage, and that is so I can get a bigger platform (the crown) to speak and do more for the children,” she said.

Recently, Parungao launched a program called “Katuwang: A Fight Against Child Mortality” which helps raise awareness on the health needs and issues of children.

She also organized the ‘Run Against Child Mortality; fun run in Nueva Vizcaya to help fund health programs for children.

In carrying out her program, she led medical volunteers in educating families about proper nutrition intake and conducting regular physical tests of children.

Crowned First Princess was Marita Cassandra Naidas while Mia Howell was named Second Princess. Maria Vanessa Wright was crowned Third Princess and Emma Mary Tiglao, Fourth Princess.

Other special awards winners were Tiglao (Miss Photogenic), Christelle Anjali Abello (Miss Friendship), and Howell, Vianca Louise Marcelo and Avonlea Paraiso (Miss Talent).



Ate Kathy’s Story Telling with Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

Not all celebrations are dates that happen every year. For Ate Kathy Villar, it was just because she wanted to give back for all the blessings she recently had and enjoyed. Truly happiness is meant to be shared with others. Last November 11 in the blistering hot sunny afternoon, we went around some rooms in Philippine Children’s Medical Center for Story Telling sessions with young patients.

This hospital was one of the first we partnered with way back in 2007. We’re glad we have been going back more often now when they re agreed to have weekend events again. Thanks to coordinator, Ate Beth Jayobo for making it possible for us.

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

We had two separate story telling activities. First was in the children’s ward and next at the Cancer and Hematology center. Along with 20 volunteers and some core team members, we would welcome them, invite Ate Dyaly Justo to share a powerful story and then equip Kuyas and Ates story books so they can do personal story telling. We also request prayers for healing.

It was a simple encounter yet powerful. Sometimes when we are blessed with other people we just met, it creates so much hope in us. We invite you, our reader to take part in what we do as well for children.

Philippine Children’s Medical Center

4.5 Million Children Affected by Typhoon Koppu, Says Charity

Typhoon Koppu

The United Nations children’s agency (UNICEF) has launched a 2.5 million euro appeal to help children affected by Typhoon Koppu in the Philippines.

The charity said children face risks from contaminated water sources, lack of food and epidemics such as cholera, hypothermia, diarrhoea and pneumonia.

Restoring safe water supply for flooded areas is important to keep health risks low.

At least 22 people are now known to have died after the storm tore across the north of the country over the weekend.

UNICEF said more than 12,000 families were staying in shelters and children may be particularly at risk. Its supplies included water purification tablets, hygiene kits, medicines, school supplies, food, tents and generators.

Aid agency Save the Children estimated about 4.5 million children could be affected by the typhoon.

“From our own experience responding to other storms in the Philippines we know that children are always the most vulnerable in a disaster,” said Save the Children’s country director in the Philippines, Ned Olney. “In the coming days we will determine what support they will need.”



Ate Mariane Celebrates with Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Event in Quirino Memorial Medical Center

For most girls, turning 18 is an important milestone in life. They usually throw big parties and wear elegant dresses to commemorate this transformation from being a little girl to being a grown woman. But Ate Mariane chose to celebrate her debut in a more meaningful manner, one that involved dressing down instead of dressing up. She invited her family and friends to spend a Sunday morning with the patients of the pediatric ward of Quirino Memorial Medical Center.

Event in Quirino Memorial Medical CenterThe day started out by grouping the volunteers with the children. Everyone was asked to get to know each other in their group by sharing their names, age, and favorite food. The most famous answer among the kids (and even among the adults) was fried chicken. Well, who doesn’t love fried chicken, right? It was also nice to see the ates and kuyas chat with the parents of the children and ask about their situation in the hospital. Everyone was really bonding.

After everyone got acquainted, it was time for one of the highlights of the day: the Magic Show! Suddenly, the sickly atmosphere that was surrounding the room disappeared and was replaced by bright smiles as Kuya Kobe, our resident magician, began amazing everyone with tons of cool magic tricks for the kids to enjoy. Even the ates, kuyas, nanays, and tatays, were having a good time. Kuya Kobe even invited Ate Mariane to do a trick of her own. Who knew our celebrant could do magic? We were surprised, too.

Event in Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Everyone was so energized after the show so Ate Te, our host, decided to play a game next. The mechanics were simple. Ate Te will give an emotion and each group will try to act it when they get called. The groups were really creative with their portrayals. The funniest was when they were asked to portray how they would react if they won a million pesos. It became a contest of who could laugh and shout the loudest. It was refreshing to see the children giggling with the volunteers. The second game was a little more challenging. It’s one of U! Happy Events’ staple game and it’s called Fax Machine. Each group forms a line and the person in front is given a shape. He/she draws it by scribbling at the back of the person behind him/her who will do the same to the next person in line. The “faxing” will end with the last one in line. He/she will draw on a piece of paper the shape that he thinks is the right one. At first, all the groups were getting it right so Ate Te decided to complicate it a bit. For example, when the shape to be “faxed” was a house, a lot of the groups got confused. One group even ended up drawing a circle. We all had a good laugh.

Event in Quirino Memorial Medical CenterAfter the games, everyone was tired and of course, hungry. The volunteers shared a delicious and healthy meal with the children. Ate Mariane also prepared some yummy cupcakes for all the kids. While everyone was enjoying dessert, Ate Angie and her friends distributed their gift to the children. Each one got a special package that included pillows, toiletries, and other things that they can use while in the hospital. The kids were very grateful.

To end the day, the Ate Mariane thanked everyone who attended and wished that the kids would feel better just in time for Christmas. She even shared a bible verse which made some of the nanays tear up a little bit. All in all, it was a fun day and a very unique way to celebrate an 18th birthday. We hope that in the future, more young ladies would consider giving back to children as a way to celebrate their debut.

Event in Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Thank You Letter from Saigon Children’s Charity

Maytronics and our Elite Dealers spent a morning in Van Thanh Park, HCM City building bikes and giving back to the community. Spearheading the funding for Saigon Children’s Charity (SCC) was Karen Scheinflug (National Administration Manager) who through Good will raised much needed funds that will put children through school and allow more bikes for less fortunate children to get to and from school. A big thank you to Indochina Heritage Fund for aligning SCC with us. Here is a touching letter from SCC.

Saigon Children’s Charity

Hello Karen,

This is Minh from Saigon Children’s Charity. . . After coming back to the office, I tell my colleague about you and Maytronics people. All are surprised because of your generous donation, but more than that is your kind act of giving back to the community. We really thank you for your support and I do hope that you will come back to Vietnam


Warm regards,
Luu Vo Ngoc Minh
Fundraising and Communications Manager



Ate Mica Celebrates with Project Bantu

Celebration with Project Bantu

Project Bantu is a Program that uses the art-form of Capoeira Angola to achieve positive social outcomes in at-risk youth. Thanks to 5 birthday celebrants led by Ate Mica Salcedo we were able to have our first partnership with them. The participants included also street kids who are new in the program. We were at Art Plus venue in Burgos, Makati.

Celebration with Project BantuFor the bright morning ahead, we made a mark in our encounter by doing three interactive games. Of course we jump off with getting to know before getting our hands dirty. We had Hula Together, Get In and Dance Showdown. Wondering how these are played, Details on these games here.

I particularly enjoyed the last game we had. Group one who had mostly experienced dancers, showed off their moves to everyone else. It didn’t matter if it was a fast or slow song. We also had an impromptu Hula Hoop challenge. Ate Mica proved to be an expert. She did hers for 61 seconds!

Celebration with Project Bantu

We believe that our volunteers and kids got tired not only from physical activities but also from cheering. When they get a point, they jump up and down and make sounds that can be heard all the way to the first floor. We were at the 4th.

Next stop was early lunch. We had packed Filipino food. They were in circles, sitting down and we encourage them to chat as they chow along.

Celebration with Project Bantu

Before giving out school supplies as gifts, we had Project Bantu led by Kuya Jay Benedicto perform an Angola song paired up with Capoeira performances. It was a delight to see these.

We packed up and told Kuya Jay, let’s do it again Christmas.

Emeril Lagasse Foundation Raises $3 Million for Children’s Charities During 11th Annual Fundraising Weekend

Emeril Lagasse Foundation

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation celebrated its 11th annual fundraising weekend on November 13 and 14 in New Orleans, raising over $3 million for children’s charities.

The weekend kicked off at Champions Square with the Foundation’s signature outdoor food and music festival Boudin, Bourbon & Beer, where some of the region’s best chefs came together for an evening of Louisiana-inspired culinary celebration. The following night, the Foundation hosted Carnivale du Vin, its nationally recognized charity wine auction and gala dinner held at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans.

All funds raised at both events benefit the Emeril Lagasse Foundation. Since its founding in 2002, the Foundation has given more than $7 million to charities to support culinary, nutrition and arts programs, including Café Reconcile, the Edible Schoolyard NOLA and the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.

“My wife Alden and I are overjoyed with the success of the Foundation’s most recent fundraising weekend,” says Chef Emeril Lagasse. “We’d like to express our sincere gratitude to the generous donors, sponsors, chefs and winemakers who are instrumental in making a difference in so many children’s lives year after year.”

Marking a record-breaking year for the Foundation’s fundraising weekend, nearly 5,000 people attended a sold-out Boudin, Bourbon & Beer on Friday. The Foundation also expanded the chef lineup to include more than 60 renowned chefs including Cory Bahr, Jeff Henderson, Justin Devillier, Kristen Essig, John Currence, Chris Shepherd, and more.

Carnivale du Vin featured culinary greats José Andrés, Kristen Kish, Art Smith and Jacques Torres. The Foundation honored winemaker David R. Duncan of Silver Oak. Over 600 guests experienced a 5-course meal created by Emeril Lagasse and served by 50 students from beneficiary programs.

“We’re thrilled that these events continue to grow and we hope to see them get even bigger,” says Emeril Lagasse Foundation President Brian Kish. “Event proceeds surpassed our expectations, and we are so appreciative of the continued support from the New Orleans community and beyond that makes the Foundation’s charitable work possible.”

About Emeril Lagasse Foundation:

Founded in 2002 by Chef Emeril Lagasse and his wife Alden, Emeril Lagasse Foundation is a 501c(3) public charity headquartered in New Orleans. The Foundation’s mission is to create opportunities to inspire, mentor and enable youth to reach their full potential through culinary, nutrition and arts education. Since its inception, Emeril Lagasse Foundation has granted more than $7 million to children’s charities to support culinary, nutrition and arts programs. To learn more about the Foundation and its beneficiaries, visit



Globe and Huawei’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati 2 of 2

On the same day, Globe in partnership with Huawei sent another batch of employees to paint another ward and hallways of Ospital ng Makati. The task at hand in the afternoon is to put color on flowers inside the baby area and carnival treats along the hallway.

Before painting we got everyone acquainted first with one another. I started this off by requesting each volunteer to introduce themselves out loud to the patients and their children. After which I got them joined in by groups by hugging each other.

We had one warm game called In or Out. Depending on the category I mention, groups identify and act accordingly. If the category places them in, they go inside the hula hoop. Out on the other hand requires them to hold the hula hoop by both of their hands. It got really competitive and fun. That was a good jump start to our afternoon.

While we paint, anchor Roanna Jamir from CNN Philippines joined us to cover the event and interview some who participated. I was able to share as well our continuous advocacy to get children more access to be better opportunities.

Towards the end, we gathered everyone again for food sharing and turnover of wheel chairs and other pediatric equipment for the hospital. This was batch 2 of the donations from the morning’s event.

We appreciate each one’s help in putting this event together. Starting from Ospital ng Makati doctors and coordinators, Ate Katreena from Globe who reached out to us and of course the mothers and patients who toiled as well and made everyone’s experience happier.

Ikea Lovingly Turned These 10 Children’s Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys

Winning designs will raise money for kids’ charities

Children's Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys

To help create this year’s lineup of Soft Toys for Education, global retailer Ikea turned to crayon-wielding kids around the world.

The 10 winning entries have been recreated in loving detail by Ikea’s toy designers, and the creations are now on sale as part of the chain’s annual fundraiser. For each toy purchased, Ikea will donate one euro to children’s education projects via Unicef and Save the Children.

Since launching the charity effort in 2003, the Ikea Foundation has donated more than $90 million to global children’s causes.

Check out this year’s winning submissions below:

Children's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush ToysChildren's Drawings Into Actual Plush Toys