Tolentino Family’s Dance Workshop with Holy Family Home

Dance Workshop with Holy Family Home

Before the start of the event, Kuya Harvard played a number of songs and to our surprise, the Holy Family kids were able to sing along with all of them! We found out that their favorite song is “Dessert” by Darwin. When Kuya Erwin and his wife Ate Glaiza and their cute, little daughter Maria arrived, the workshop finally started. The amazing Tolentino family were the ones who sponsored this fun event.

Dance Workshop with Holy Family HomeThirty kids joined us for a dazzling “Dessert” dance workshop! The kids were divided into five groups. Ates and Kuyas were distributed among these kids to get to know them. To break the ice, the three early volunteers showed some of their dance moves while five kids were also chosen to showcase their best dancing talents! Some of the kids are born to dance! It was really fun to see them dance all day! The next activity was the “getting to know you” part. Everyone in the group must answer the following questions: 1. What is your name? 2. What is your favorite dance move? 3. What is your favorite movie?

Before we started the workshop, we played the In-Out game. Every group stood up and held hands. The mechanics are as follows: Each group will be given round strings which will be placed at the floor near their group. If the person is positive on the description told by the host, all persons acquiring it will get inside the circle string and if not, he has to stay outside the circle and hold the string. For example, kuya Harvard said that hairs longer than shoulder length should get inside. Almost all girls, the kids and the Ate’s got inside the string while the boys held the string outside. Another example is whoever wears rubber shoes must get inside. Almost everyone went outside and held the string.

Dance Workshop with Holy Family Home

Finally the dance workshop began! Kuya Japox is our dance teacher for the day. He started with a stretching song and also reminded the kids the importance of stretching, so that our body wouldn’t end up being injured. Because he knows the favorite song of the kids, the “Dessert” dance craze was the one he taught.

Everyone was so energetic, having fun and doing their best to dance. The kids were challenged with the dance moves Kuya Japox was teaching. And all were thrilled with the fast, slow, swing, grooves, jumpin’ and freestyle moves. Truly, Holy Family kids have the best and active dancers ever!

Dance Workshop with Holy Family HomeAfter Kuya Japox taught the main song. The kids are up for the battle showdown where they’ll apply the moves they had learned. Every group has to have their leader who would be creating his own moves to the given song where the rest of his groupmates will follow. Amazingly all kids are participative. Group 4 and Group 5 performed the best in this battle. The best part here is that every kid was just having fun dancing with one another.

After the dance craze, the kids were brought to the dining area to eat pancit and pizza! The kids were thankful and began with a prayer. Afterwhich, Kuya Erwin, Ate Glaiza and Maria distributed their school supply gifts to the kids. The kids were happy receiving and the sponsors were joyful in giving.

Lastly we cannot leave without the group photo and the big hugs from the kids and from the Ate’s and Kuya’s. This dance workshop was beyond beautiful and more fulfilling than a dessert!

Dance Workshop with Holy Family Home


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