Ate Bianca’s Baking Workshop with Mano Amiga

Baking Workshop with Mano Amiga

On a hot weather of April 9, 2014, Ate Bianca Arcega celebrated her birthday with the Mano Amiga children in Western Bicutan, Paranaque. It was another engaging event for kids to think creatively and to learn another important skill.

The volunteers who came are from different walks of life. Most of them are friends of Ate Bianca. There were also students from UST and some walk-in volunteers. There were surprisingly increased number of volunteers than the kids, which is favorable because kids are well taken cared of.

Baking Workshop with Mano AmigaWhen everyone was settled, Kuya Harvard began the event with getting-to-know. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, eagerness and pure joy manifested in the faces of the kids and volunteers as they share each other’s pieces. This was my second time to be here and I noticed that the Mano Amiga kids are always smiling and always eager to learn. No wonder Mano Amiga are known for producing kids who are outstanding academic achievers. It is run by Altius Foundation, an International NGO founded by the Legionaries of Christ which aims to provide education, health and development in over thirteen countries.

Before we even started with the main event which is the baking workshop, there was a special treat for kids. A puppet show was exhibited to the kids. Puppet show is a good way to connect to the kids while making your message or learnings come across. The puppeteers delivered a presentation full of humor that made most of the kids roll in the aisle and at the same time, they displayed a lot values for the kids to learn. One of which is how to properly take care of oneself.

Baking Workshop with Mano Amiga

After that, a game was executed. The game is called “Hula Together. Teams were divided into five. In this game, a certain number of team members will be asked to fit inside the hula hoops. First team to complete the instruction, wins. It was a heart-racing game that both kids and volunteers enjoyed. Everyone is competitive that’s why every team got points. Team 3, however, won in this game.

Baking Workshop with Mano AmigaThen it was time for the much- awaited activity, baking class of Chef Michelle. This is another fun activity that will challenge and develop a child’s imagination. Chef Michelle prepared five desserts for the kids to learn. They were muesli, peanut butter lasagna, chocolate pancake, fruit pizza and peanut butter with cream cheese toasting. The good thing about Chef Michelle is that she adds a twist to her desserts. For instance, as she makes her pancake, she added cups of milk to the chocolate flour mix instead of just putting the usual warm water. After Chef Michelle’s demonstration of her work of art, the kids were able to exercise their creative skills by decorating the desserts with different toppings . Kuya Harvard also called in kids and volunteers who will taste the desserts. It was indeed a fun and memorable experience especially for the kids.

After that, healthy food was served to the kids and volunteers. We also sang a happy birthday to Ate Bianca together with her close friends. She was very happy. We ended the day with a group photo and distribution of give aways.

We are grateful to Ate Bianca and to all the volunteers who participated in this event. Mano Amiga kids are very blessed to have you as their sponsors and they will definitely cherish these moments they have spent with you.

Baking Workshop with Mano Amiga


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