Film Showing, Heneral Luna with Pangarap Foundation

Film Showing with Pangarap Foundation

Amidst the wave of superhero movies today, a remarkable local film recently made its way to mainstream cinema. This movie was also about a hero, but a real one who helped shaped the Philippines’ history. ‘Heneral Luna’ was a critically acclaimed film by Jerrold Tarog. To this date, it has continued to draw in viewers while also receiving praises from different sectors of society.

For this reason, U! Happy Events was not going to pass up the chance to bring some teens to see this educational yet outstandingly made movie. 20 kids from Pangarap Foundation in Pasay City, together with their guardians, joined the U! Core Team at Market Market Mall to watch this blockbuster. A handful of volunteers were also present to lend a hand.

Film Showing with Pangarap Foundation

The movie was nothing short of superb. You know you are watching a classic-in-the-making when everyone in the theater reacts to every scene and every turn of events. As the movie ended, it sure left an impression not only on the teens but to everyone present in the theater.

These movies are very few and far between. We are glad we were able to witness it with some young and eager spirits. We hope this sparks an interest in their minds to learn important values from our history. Thank U! to Pangarap Foundation for spending their holiday with us.


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