Ate Raquel’s Story Telling Workshop with Quirino Memorial Medical Center

Story Telling Workshop

Cousins, Ate Raquel and Kuya Lohwe always find time to hang out and catch up despite their busy schedules, most of the time over coffee. This year they’re celebrating their 25th birthday and decided to have a break on their usual bash and thought, “why not party with a purpose?” A purpose that is to give back, even in a small way, what God has blessed them with over the years.

Story Telling WorkshopIt wasn’t a typical gathering, last September 27, 2015, for both agreed to celebrate their special day by spending their time with family, friends together with 25 kids from Quirino Memorial Medical Center and their guardians.

The event was one of the 5 events we had that day and was led by one of our officers, Ate Amy. The volunteers introduced themselves by writing their names with their bodies. Laughter surrounded the place. We had games before our main activity for the volunteers to get to know the kids. They actively participated in the story telling workshop where Ate Dyaly taught them and the volunteers the right way of reading and expressively tell a story with the “Ang Barumbadong Bus”. It was a heartwarming scene, seeing the children’s happy faces wearing beautiful smiles despite their battle against their illnesses. The kids attentively listened as their ate’s and kuya’s read stories to them.

Story Telling Workshop

After all the activities, it was time to eat. Volunteers distributed our snacks with a surprise treat while ate Raquel and kuya Lohwe distributed their gifts for the kids. Like any celebration, we were having fun but this has to somehow end for we couldn’t party all day because the kids were getting tired and have to rest to get their energies back. They went back to their respective wards while the volunteers stayed. We ended the event by surprising our celebrants with a birthday cake!

What a fulfilling day, knowing that somehow you had the chance to make someone happy and to get the volunteers experience this kind of love and appreciation these kids could give. Hearing the words, “Salamat, napasaya ninyo ang anak ko.” Sweet and uplifting, definitely conclude the success of this event. Thank you to our volunteers for having the time to celebrate the mark of ate Raquel and kuya lohwe’s 25th year of life. According to them, this was surely not their last but the beginning of a grateful journey of paying it forward.

Story Telling Workshop


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