Kuya Rovil and Ate Millet’s Paper Quill with Tondo General Hospital

Paper Quill with Tondo General Hospital

Our increasing efforts in involving more individuals and companies to reach out to children has yield more referrals to us. One of them is celebrity Kuya Rovilson Fernandez. He is known most for hosting Asia’s Got Talent and Ang Pinaka in GMA. He co-celebrated his birthday with good friend and resident doctor, Dra. Millet Decena in the function room of Tondo General Hospital.

Paper Quill with Tondo General HospitalIt was our first time to step foot in this public hospital. We now have an additional partner beneficiary moving on thanks to our sponsors linking us to groups they support. Our goal is to have more beneficiaries to cater to our growing matching requirements to sponsors.

The morning will have full of life. Each parent tagged along their children smiling despite battling a condition. Our volunteers followed suit and started engaging everyone by sharing their names, ages and their own 5 second talent in front. It was a delight to see different forms of entertainment. There were singing, juggling, happy burpees, tight hugging and even ballroom dancing to name a few.

We had a short game next called, Show Me Your Face. Each group discussed how they were to execute a very very happy face and I called them one by one. Kuya Rovil’s group emerged victorious as they even incorporated a cheer. That set the mood the rest of the event.

Paper Quill with Tondo General Hospital

Kuya Koby took stage to perform his breath taking and wow Magic. I must say every soul in that room cheered on and got surprised on the tricks he made. There were birds appearing, tables flying and things multiplying.

Paper Quill with Tondo General HospitalI called on Ate Blanca for the main activity, Paper Quill. She patiently challenged the volunteers and mothers to assist children in making their own aquarium using colored paper. Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. We didn’t forget taking shots of each one’s masterpiece creations.

Before we bid goodbye, we called on the very very happy crowd for a big photo shot! As everyone settled we called on Kuya Rovil and Dra. Millet for a Happy Birthday song.

Happiness is created when we take time to share our blessings to others. Thank you so much to our sponsors who braved a far venue and made things wonderful. If you wish to have an event like this as well, please fill up this form: Create.

Paper Quill with Tondo General Hospital


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