Ate Ren’s Dance Workshop with Little Lights

Dance Workshop with Little Lights

Happiness is created when we choose to share our life to others. Some may wonder how sacrifice or giving away what we have makes smiles. Ate Ren has tried it, repeated and has continued to impart this powerful testimony to her family and friends.

Dance Workshop with Little LightsFor the third straight year, U! Happy Events has celebrated with Ate Ren her big day. She makes sure her passion for reaching out to the bigger circle involved her closest circle. I have been fortunate to be a witness of her generous heart and have been inspired to do more.

Ate Ren has gotten close with Little Lights after her 4 work week Dance Workshop stint last June. In the same way, the children has found a wonderful Ate in her. I remember Ate Ren sharing to me a number of letters she got after her final workshop with them.

It was a Tuesday afternoon and yet volunteers came and showed support. We prepared a short but activity filled afternoon that had a balance of super fun and values. As host. I started the event by challenging the volunteers to show their moves. It was a good start to a dance themed afternoon.

Dance Workshop with Little Lights

We also had pass the charades to get each one’s creative juices going. It was a series of food actions that needs to be passed from one group member to the other. All these food were part of a old Filipino classic song, Bahay Kubo.

Dance Workshop with Little LightsBack to dancing, Ate Ren herself lead the workshop. The steps were more simple yet made more dynamic in the tune of Wake by Hillsong. It was also a fitting song to highlight’s Ate Ren’s relationship with God. The chorus line goes- You will never fade away, Your love is here to stay, by my side, in my life, shining through me everyday. It was her way of echoing God’s presence to the children as well.

After eating, I felt we needed to dance some more. I got everyone up and about for dance showdown. The rule was simple. Choose a dance leader and get your team to follow you. After 3 secular songs (What Makes You Beautiful, You Know You Want Me and Watch Me Whip), Ate Ren chose was happy to announce her pick.

Dance Workshop with Little Lights

As sunset loomed we went on with gift giving. There were a lot of blessings from her friends. Each child received two bags a plenty. It had groceries, hygiene kits and other useful items.

I know for a fact Ate Ren will remember October 6. I also know the children and volunteers will treasure this moment too. Thank you for the love Ate Ren!


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