Kidzania with A-HA! Learning Center

Kidzania with A-HA! Learning Center

There is no denying that when we were all little children, there would be a number of times we played pretend-adults, acting like our playrooms were offices, and role-playing jobs we wanted to have when we grew up. This fun world of make believe is very much true even to this day with kids this generation. That is why when our team at U! Happy heard that Kidzania Manila finally opened, we got so excited to take our beneficiaries there, and try out with them this indoor play city where kids can have fun exploring the adult world!

Kidzania with A-HA! Learning CenterLast October 3 we did just that as we took 40 kids from community-based partner, A-HA Learning Center of Makati, to this educational entertainment facility. Apparently we weren’t the only ones excited to take underprivileged kids on an exciting and rare opportunity at Kidzania, but so were 80 of our volunteers! We all gathered this big group early in the morning for a short briefing on house rules and the day’s program, and paired off the little ones with their ates and kuyas whom they were to spend the day with. Pretty soon everyone got on their way to exploring this huge facility, as the kids were so giddy with excitement to try out everything inside Kidzania!

From encashing a check, to learning how to act (and performing in the plaza!), to making ice cream and pastries, to investigating a crime, the kids of A-HA were able to do so many activities and learn a lot about being a grown-up that afternoon. It was pretty evident that their ates and kuyas were also having a blast bonding with the children and seeing them happily touring and enjoying themselves.

Kidzania with A-HA! Learning Center

To cap off the incredible day, we all met up with the kids and volunteers, as the A-HA kids were given school supplies to aid in their schooling. We also posed for several group photos to encapsulate the memorable day, as the kids bid their ates and kuyas goodbye and thanked them in the form of big, warm hugs. Thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful event!

Kidzania with A-HA! Learning Center

Kidzania with A-HA! Learning Center


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