Ate Denise’s Kidzania with Mano Amiga

Kidzania with Mano Amiga

KidZania is the latest attraction to hit Metro Manila. While most museums and theme parks have the ‘usual’ offerings, this venue provides something entirely different – kids get to play adults for a day.

Kidzania with Mano Amiga30 kids from Mano Amiga community in Taguig arrived at the venue in the heart of Bonifacio Global City eagerly anticipating what was in store for the day. This event was made possible thru Ate Denise, who was celebrating her birthday. Despite not being able to come, her sister Ate Danessa was there, together with their awesome family and friends to spend the afternoon as the kuyas and ates of the kids.

The day got off to a flying start as the entire group made their way inside the interactive museum. Right off the bat, the kids checked-in (airport style). Inside the venue, there was a LOT of attractions to choose from. It was really interesting that legitimate businesses were there to provide ‘working experience’ to the kids. There was a bank, a courier company, a bakeshop, salon, a gas station, a driving school and tons more. There were also government services present like a hospital, a fire station, a trial court and even a tax bureau. This was really one of our more interesting and interactive events this year.

Kidzania with Mano Amiga

After spending hours inside KidZania, the group gathered at a nearby McDonalds. There the volunteers spent some more time with the kids to share some much needed nourishment. And believe us when we say that it really was some needed nourishment.

Ate Danessa was then joined by her family and friends in providing the kids their parting gifts for the day. The volunteers appeared tired but I’m sure it was nevertheless an enriching experience for them.

Kidzania with Mano Amiga

We again wish Ate Denise a very happy birthday! With a wonderful sister in Ate Danessa and an amazing set of family and friends, they all made the day truly memorable for the kids of Mano Amiga. As KidZania would say, ‘Zank U!’ to everyone.


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