Munting Prinsipe Play with Right Start

Munting Prinsipe Play

Last September 12, 2015, 25 kids were given an opportunity to see Layeta Bucoy’s “Prinsipe Munti” (Tagalog version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince) live on stage at Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills. Most of the kids who went to see the play were the ones who were interested in acting and have experienced it during some of Right Start’s events. They said they learned a lot from it. They even noticed that the actors were really in character and that they had memorized all of their lines. One of the children commented, “Natutunan ko yung pag acting nila. Hindi sila mali-mali at kabisado nila yung script nila at sila ay hindi magulo”, while another one said, “Hindi sila tumatawa kapag nagdudula-dulaan..” Learning and seeing these things stirred up something in the kids that could fuel up their passion in acting.

The kids also recalled their favorite scenes where you can see the importance of friendship. One of it is when Prinsipe Munti met, tamed the Alamid (fox), and became friends. Another scene was with the pilot who was fixing his plane, when they just laid on the sand, watched the stars and talked. And of course, they cannot forget about the rose. The kids also remembered the lessons very well. When asked what impacted them the most, one of them wrote “Huwag iiwanan ang mahalagang bagay sa atin dahil kapag iniwanan mo hindi mo alam kung andun pa ba.” The value of friendship is what the youth is all about these days and we were truly hoping that like Prinsipe Munti they get to learn the more important things in life as early as now. As what the well-known author of the The Little Prince said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Thank you so much to U! Happy Events for bridging these kids to the sponsors who made this possible. Thank you also for the books that they were reading while waiting for the play to start and their Happy Meals before they went home.


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