Kuya Igi’s Page Munchers with Kuya Center

Page Munchers with Kuya Center

Another day is another chance. A chance to be happier, to love even more and to live a life with purpose. At U! Happy Events, we share happiness, love and life by providing sustainable support and teaching values to children in the Philippines. For this day, our lovely volunteers together with U! Happy Events Core Team had the chance to celebrate life with the kids from Kuya Center for Street Children.

Page Munchers with Kuya CenterTo start off, the ates and kuyas along with the kids introduced each other. Everyone was asked not only to say one’s name but also the super powers they want to have. The kids did not hesitate to share their thoughts too! Some wanted to have the ability to fly, some to become invisible, some to become super sexy and super pretty :)

Game time! Cheese Rings Relay! The kids and volunteers were divided into groups and given each with straw. All they have to do is to shoot a Cheese Ring on their straw using their mouth, run around the post and pass along the Cheese Ring to the team member next in line. First to finish, wins!

Next is the Move Relay. All it requires is one’s dancing skills. Flex, stretch, twist, turn, and wiggle that hips! The groups will again form a straight line. Then at the go signal, the first in line should dance for 5 seconds and run to the next spot after. On that station, a Hoola Hoop awaits. Grab the Hula Hoop and try to make a few hip turns in it! Run back to the line and let the others do the same. First group again to make their bodies shake wins the game. So much for exercise!

Page Munchers with Kuya Center

For the main activity, Kuya Robby shared his creativity and talent in turning scraps into a masterpiece. So for book lovers, here’s something you may have fun doing too: colorful and animated bookmarks! From colored paper cutouts, glue and scissors, we were ready to go! Kuya Rob asked us to think of any inspiration to make as our model. Some thought of their favorite animals, cartoon characters or monsters to play with. Just a few cutting and reassembling, TADAH! Finished product: super cute Page Munchers! :)

Page Munchers with Kuya CenterSince our dear sponsor Kuya Igi is celebrating his birthday, we were served with delicious pancit for longer life! Also, he shared his birthday cup cakes with all of the kids: pink pig cup cakes! Together with Kuya Igi, Ate Fosca distributed ice cream for dessert and vitamins for good health! Hooray for everyone :)

We only have one life and a chance to celebrate it. Some people just choose to make it a little more colorful by sharing a piece of their life with others. Indeed, we left not only happy memories but also blissful heart beats.

Be happy, be in love and make a life with U! Happy Events.

Page Munchers with Kuya Center


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