Sponsor a Child’s Education With ActionAid Ireland

Sponsor a Child's Education

The ‘Every Child’ campaign was launched by ActionAid Ireland this week, with the charity hoping to give more children in developing countries access to education—a right often taken for granted in the developed world.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Every Child’, the charities ambassador, Ms Sharon Ní Bheoláin, said: “Children have a natural curiosity and an eagerness to learn, no child should be deprived of the joy, the confidence or the opportunities afforded by an education. Not only can an education lift a child out of poverty, it can enhance the lives of family members and benefit those living in that child’s community.”

ActionAid Ireland, an organisation that was founded in 1983, works as part of ActionAid International in fighting poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia and the Americas. According to the charity, they see education as a “core strategic theme,” because it is a fundamental human right and is key to helping people lift themselves out of poverty.

With the launch of the new initiative, ActionAid Ireland is asking Irish people to help children and their communities in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Vietnam and Cambodia. ActionAid Ireland believe that for as little as 76 cent a day, sponsoring a child can help to build an education system, provide access to clean water, and improve livelihoods so children no longer have to work and can attend school.

CEO of ActionAid Ireland, Ms Olga McDonogh, says that “child sponsors are vital to the work we do in ActionAid Ireland. The regular support that our sponsors provide helps us to work with children and their communities and change their lives for the better.”

For further information on ActionAid Ireland and the Every Child campaign, please visit www.actionaid.ie


Source: http://www.fundraisingireland.ie/


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