Kuya Gino’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

It was our 5th sponsored mural event at Ospital ng Makati thanks to birthday celebrant, Kuya Gino Victorino. This partnership with the hospital started last December 2014 and we are tasked to have 2 more before say goodbye to 2015. By that time the whole pediatric floor will be filled with designs and colors that enriches the conditions of the patients.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng MakatiSince it was rainy season, the wards were filled with patients. We opted to have our happy gathering in the hallway anyway. Sometimes the spirit of volunteerism finds ways and we believe it was timely for us to celebrate with the children there.

The program started with volunteers lined up in front to share their names and favorite colors. I also tasked them to name three items of the same color they like. They had to be on their natural color of course. Though the volunteers had a challenging time, it entertained everyone.

The volunteers were paired up and it was the patients turn to share their colors. I told them to remember their favorite ones for the mural workshop later on.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We had one game that we always play with patients- Body Works. Here pairs find their way to connect each ones body parts. It can get tough because each instruction was connected to another. After eight straight commands, three pairs remained. Some of the Kuyas and Ates got really competitive.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng MakatiKuya Koby took the stage next to entertain the crowd with Magic. The young children faces lit up and clapped repeatedly on every magical moment. I saw some adults focused on the show as well- they were smiling and cheering as well.

Before we pursued the hallway walls for color, Ate Blanca, our artist, gave instructions on how one should paint. She highlighted stroking in one direction and using paint wisely. After less than an hour, the carousel theme came to life! We rewarded everyone with a hefty meal after.

Gifts followed. Kuya Gino requested us to provide hygiene kits and this was his blessing to the children. It is a practical gift to give. One of his friends gave slippers too!

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We gathered all for a big photo. We took this opportunity also to sing a Happy Birthday song! Kuya Gino we appreciate your contribution and we look forward to partnering with you again! Hey, if you wish to celebrate life with children too, send us a message. :)


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