Enphase Employees Race the Sun for Children Medical Research

Enphase Employees Race the Sun

Put together a group of friends, the Enphaser Chris Pitts (aka Pittsy), UK senior strategic account manager, and his mates Dave Cullen (Cully), Danny Jacks (DeeJay) and Ben Callow (George), their deep commitment to children’s medical research and their passions for sports and adventure… the result is an highly committed team, named “Our Wives Think We’re On a Spa Day.” The team entered into a sport competition with the aim of raising money to support children’s charity Action Medical Research, dedicated to improving the health of babies and children through medical research.

Embarking on a mammoth mission
On Saturday June 27 from sunrise to sunset – racing the sun, “Our Wives Think We’re On a Spa Day” will bike, trek and canoe for over 55 miles challenging other teams both in racing and fundraising.

Here’s the exciting adventure they’ll tackle:

1. From the starting point in Brecon, South Wales, teams will cycle for the first leg of 22 miles.

2. Then they will head off on the horseshoe walk which summits Corn Du (873m), Pen y Fan (886m) and Cribyn (795m), a round walk of approximately 8 miles and a vertical height gain of over 2,400ft from the starting point.

3. Back down to retrieve bikes for 3 miles to undertake a 3km course using two Canadian canoes rafted together.

4. Once the canoe section is completed, teams will bike again for a final dash of 22 miles to the finish line in Brecon.

A great effort for a great cause
“Despite enormous progress in medicine, there are still hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled children who need our help,” says Chris Pitts. “Action Medical Research is offering hope to the many thousands of families who are dealing with the trauma of a baby born too early, striving to support a child affected by disability, or facing the challenge of caring for a child with a rare and devastating disease for which there is no cure.”

Action Medical Research for Children

“Right now the best medical minds in children’s hospitals and universities across the UK are waiting for the green light to start research that could lead to life-changing treatments for babies and children. They just need the funding” Chris concludes.

Take Action, make Chris’s team a fundraising champion
Companies like RoLEC Electrical & Solar and Enphase, as well as private citizens have already made their donations. If you’d like to help “Our Wives Think We’re On a Spa Day” achieve their goal of $2,000 and make a real difference for children, visit the team or Pittsy online fundraising pages and donate.


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