Ate Tasha Celebrates with Virlanie Foundation

There may be inclement weather, but the happiness of the kids from Virlanie Foundation is certain. Last Sept 6, 2015, Ate Tasha celebrated her birthday with fourteen kids of Marco Polo Care Center. Ate Tasha brought her very enthusiastic family and friends to play games with the little ones.

Virlanie Foundation

With eighteen volunteers present, the kids were each partnered with an Ate or a Kuya. The volunteers were grouped into five with six members each. To get to know each other better, we played a pre-game by answering these three question: “What is your name?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up? / What is your profession?” and “What is your favorite food?”

Virlanie Foundation

For the games proper, the first game was called “Bato-bato pick.” Each person was given three rubber bands which symbolizes his life. When a player loses, one rubber band is given to the winning opponent. Until no rubber band is left to that player. That means he has lost and can’t play the game anymore. The winning opponent can play again with players with their remaining rubber bands. Everyone was so competitive and aggressive during the game! Each group had a winning kid except for one group where an Ate won the game.

Virlanie FoundationNext game was called “Hulahoop relay.” Each team lined up while holding hands. The first person in the line will try to fit inside the hulahoop and then the others will follow suit until it reaches the last person. The first group to finish is the winner.

The next game was called “Pass the Message thru Action.” Each group lined up and sat on the floor. The person at the end of the line was given an animal to act for the person beside him and then pass it again to his groupmate until it reaches the last person. The last person in the line will shout the name of the animal that was mimicked. The animals acted were the following: snake, whale, giraffe, lion, and cat. It was so fun because everyone was participative and very brave to pass knowing that all animals were hard to act! The snake was mistaken for a fish and the lion was mistaken for a cat or a tiger!

Virlanie Foundation

As a sign of gratitude, the little kids offered a dance to our volunteers. After this, the volunteers shared food to the kids. Before everyone ate, we started with a prayer. The Ates and Kuyas ate together and bonded during this time. After this, Ate Tasha distributed her school supplies gifts to the kids and they got really ecstatic and happy. Of course, the event won’t be complete without a group photo and a big hug from the kids to the Ates and Kuyas!

Virlanie Foundation


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