Why You Should Consider Doing Charity for Children in Africa?

Happy African ChildrenAll of us have a place in our heart for doing charity for children in Africa. From the Northern tip of Africa, Tunisia, to the Southern tip of South Africa, there is a common theme that’s laced into all 54 countries of Africa, the children desperately need our support.

Of the 1.1 billion people on theAfrican continent 50% of them are under 18 years old. That means half of the population needs a minimum of medical aid, improved health conditions and humanitarian support, with many other crucial causes needing attention as well. Be “The Rescue” for them.

Deciding to start doing charity for Children in Africa is the first step toward bringing security, peace and the basics of life that all of us have a right to possess.

You have heard the saying that “money can’t buy happiness.”

That statement is true if you’re trying to bring happiness to yourself by purchasing material things, but the saying “money can’t buy happiness” isn’t true if that money is directed toward children in desperate need.

That kind of happiness and joy sits alone as a place of purpose and contentment for you and place of excitement and joy for the children who received your gift of survival.

Jumping Off Point – Where to Start For Charity In Africa?

This question is often asked of Ambassador Ministries and is an indication to us that you truly do care for the children in Africa.

Sierra Leone Childrens

As you go through our site Ambassador Ministries Inc.  we provide you with a list of all of our destinations in Africa and their crucial needs.

You will find what refugees need, what orphans need, what’s needed for water purification, how important new water wells are, how Ebola is heavily targeting children, how to deal with the quiet killer of malnutrition and much more.

While on our site take some time to see all the causes in the three Africa nations we support: Sierra Leone, Uganda and South Sudan. You’ll discover some of the needs are similar and some are indigenous to the given country.

You may find one or more of the causes jump out at you. You may also want to learn more about the causes, which is awesome, you may even feel the pull on your heart to move forward.

You now have a focal point to begin doing charity for children in Africa.

Take a few minutes to decide which cause or causes to support and the level of monthly care you wish to provide. Some people provide an initial support amount and then begin the reoccurring option.

Some provide a single contribution for the year and others start small and increase their donations as the year progresses.

There is truly no bad plan. For some of you this is the first time committing to an international cause or causes and for others this is something you know is much needed and want to expand your charitable giving.

Whichever category you fall into, know that all of us at Ambassador Ministries and all the children we serve are more than thankful that you have chosen us to be a partner with.

Causes in Crises:

African Children HandwashingOne of the great things about joining and partnering with an international organization dedicated to causes focused on children, is knowing your support literally changes and sometimes actually saves a child’s life.

To say that every gift, no matter how small, is crucial, truly is an understatement.

Allow me to bring things into visibility through words, so your imagination can take flight as descriptions and emotions paint a portrait of the causes in crisis.

To do this, we need to get you knowledgeable about some of the countries Ambassador Ministries goes into so you can get a feel for the heartbreaking, often uphill battles we face when on the ground for the sake of the children.

From the very tops of their heads to the soles of their feet;the line between survival and dying can come down to something you and I take for granted, a cup of water.

Ambassador Ministries is presently focused on three countries where we feel we can do the most, given our skills, talents and relationships.

Charity for children in Africa, however is not limited to the present countries we support, which is why we are looking to support additional countries in Africa.

  1. Swaziland, where AIDS has devastated a third of the adult population leaving thousands and thousands of orphans that need all we can provide, searching frantically for any help they can find.
  1. Somalia, where an unseen and unheard genocide, focusing on women and children, is taking place by systematically starving entire sections of the country.
  1. Nigeria, where the atrocities of war and the eroding of any sort of moral compass has devastated an entire generation of children.

These three additional countries in Africa, we are preparing to support, still only represent a small piece of the charity needed for children in Africa.

Continue reading to see exactly what is happening in Africa, read what Ambassador Ministries is presently doing and preparing to do and allow yourself to see and feel the plight of the children.

The Sorrow of Sierra Leone:

Sierra Leone is a country sitting in Western part of the African continent.

Shy African Boy

Just north of Liberia, it is a forgotten country when it comes to things like missionary efforts, needs publicized, critical survival situations and the lack of the basics for life to be even tolerable.

Yet, there it sits screaming as loud as it can for someone to help. Their needs are staggering and desperate, but all the world hears is an annoying whisper compared to the more publicized nations in Africa.

Most of us are unaware that the present Ebola crisis has reappeared and in full attack mode.This insidious virus has now taken up residence in a new country.

As we sit in the beginning of 2015, Sierra Leone has now surpassed the number of deaths from Ebola, mostly of children, compared with all the other surrounding countries combined.

Sierra Leone is left alone by most of the world to fend for itself against an enemy that no one truly understands.

For the general population of Sierra Leone, food supplies are almost diminished and what is available has tripled in cost.

Water purification plants, which were only in several cities are shut down. The villages and small towns are frantic for funds and materials to dig more wells.

Much of the government has abandoned its people to fend for themselves and their families, with the police now operating more like the Mafia than an agency in existence to serve and protect.

The situation has now become acute with so many people dying from Ebola that the amount of orphans in the country have doubled and with the existing orphanages already overloaded, many of the orphans have become bush children; they are surviving as best they can, but are losing the battle to stay alive.

Charity for children in Africa has now reached a critical phase with large amounts of medical aid, food, water, volunteers, financial support and shelter needed now, right now, before Sierra Leone becomes a country known only for sorrow and death.

The Suffering in South Sudan:

Orphans and refugees Waiting All Day for Food

You will have a hard time finding a more gentle and colorful people then the people of South Sudan. South Sudan sits North of Uganda and West of Ethiopia in central Africa.

A land locked country founded in 2011 based on the need for religious freedom, humanitarian improvements and the right for the people to live their lives without fear of genocide, which has plagued Sudan for generations, it has been anything but those things.

Most of the South Sudan people live a refugee lifestyle given that almost every radical group in Sudan and South Sudan is attempting to exterminate them which has kept them in a state of movement just to survive.

South Sudan is the youngest country in the world and yet suffers from some of the oldest oppressions a population could have.

Imagine needing to send your children to look for food in one direction as you go another. You return home, but see your children have not returned yet.

Trying to hide the fear you wait and wait. Sometimes they return long after you returned and sometimes the next morning. Sometimes they have a small amount of food and sometimes they come home with nothing.

As a people, the South Sudanese have been as patient as an oppressed people can be when it comes to receiving help and support from the outside world.

Their needs are immense and immediate. This is why Ambassador Ministries Inc. has said “yes” to helping with hunger, medical and humanitarian needs, orphans and shelter.

South Sudan has refugee camps spread all over South Sudan as it seems the intent of Sudan and those that despise these simple people is to commit genocide. We need to ask ourselves “what can be done considering all these gentle people are suffering?”

  1. Don’t turn a deaf ear to their plight.
  2. Try to put yourself in their shoes.
  3. Find organizations that already have people in place.
  4. Go online and learn as much as possible about South Sudan.
  5. Send financial support as soon as you can.

Ambassador Ministries is dedicated to serving and caring for the children and the other hurting people in South Sudan. Support needs are deep and include foods of all kinds, medical supplies, hygiene products, clothes and shelter.

We have pastors that live on the southern border of South Sudan, just above Uganda that covertly enter Uganda and get as much supplies that they can. These bi-weekly missions are dangerous and courageous as they risk their lives for the refugees living in peril.

Everything you can do to support these gentle people will go farther than you know.

In South Sudan charity for children in Africa can be a way to save an entire family or even a refugee camp. These people have the right to survive, raise their children and go through every day without the butchery of genocide luring around every corner.

Can we save them all? Maybe not, but we can do everything in our power to turn the tide and give them what they desperately want and need, hope, purpose and a chance to live.

The Unknown Afflictions of Uganda:

Shoe-less Children in AfricaIt’s hard to imagine the suffering that a child goes through in areas of Africa where pain, hunger and fear are the only constants.

Picture children waking up in the middle of the night with their feet swollen from injuries and feet imbedded with bugs and parasites.

It all sounds like a crisis from the past, but it’s all going on right now, but take heart, there’s something you and I can do to help restore healing and hope.

We have teams of young and caring people that are willing to give weeks of their lives for these children and in some cases adults that need something as simple as a touch and a pair of shoes.

These teams go into areas most of us wouldn’t dare step into.

When they arrive at the villages they get on their knees, wash the children’s feet, examine them for parasites and injury, which affects one third of the population of the children, then /gently place a new pair of shoes on their feet.

These shoes are specially made to resist bugs and other parasites so that the pain that would haunt them at night will never return again.

Then they are embraced by the one that washed their feet and prayed for. Then in the evening everyone gathers to hear about God’s love and His plan of salvation.

With pastors from other areas in attendance, new churches are planted and take root.

So much can come from a pail of water and a pair of shoes. There are countless areas throughout Africa that need this level of ministry; clean feet, a gentle touch and a new soul.

As you read this consider being an essential part of this crucial ministry by supporting, through Ambassador Ministries, these young people that are called to this continent to sacrifice and serve those in need.

The need for children to have shoes is not the only serious issue in facing Uganda. Current examinations throughout Uganda shows a chronic disregard by the government to provide any sort of medical relief, with huge portions of the population suffering from malnutrition and death from easily treatable medical conditions.

Uganda, with a population of 31 million and roughly the size of Oregon, has very, very few crudely trained doctors for its people. Current studies have reviled the ratio to be one doctor for every 300,000 people.

Add to all of these ongoing issues inside of Uganda, there is a government that doesn’t see the fact that all of its major problems are placed on the backs and the future of its children.

Why You Should Consider Doing Charity for Children in Africa?

Happy Children in AfricaBecause all of us were created to care for our own children and to care for each other.

You may not know this, but inside of all of us is a small missing part of our heart that can only be fulfilled by caring for those who are unable to care for themselves.

This needed action to care and support is built into our very DNA

Have you ever seen a two or three year old react to a crying infant? By instinct, they carefully approach and then gently touch the crying baby to bring security and peace and love.

They weren’t taught this, it’s an action that simply shows us, that even a two or three year old has everything inside to do the right thing. Learn about becoming new “The Rescue”

You and I are the same, only we have trained ourselves to not hear the cries anymore.

Watch what will happen to you when you choose to hear and then react to the quiet screams and helpless cries of a child that longs for nothing more than just a simple touch from anyone who can hear them.


Source: http://www.ambministries.org/


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