ANZ Bank’s Social Media Talk and Games with Right Start

The joyful people of Right Start once again welcomed the team of U! Happy Events for another informative and relevant event. Following a successful community-clean up drive weeks earlier, the day’s event focused on something practically everyone can relate with – Social Media and how to become responsible users of it.

ANZ Bank’s Social Media Talk

Around 20 volunteers from multinational bank ANZ’s Eastwood office gathered at the venue for an event with 25 cheerful kids from the San Juan-based group. After a brief orientation, the volunteers were immediately grouped with the kids – 5 teams in all. Through the getting-to-know activity, they all also came up with their group names. Surprisingly, the names they came up with were about people and terms that are pretty popular nowadays especially in social media (i.e. Rock N Roll to the World, Pabebe, Aldub, etc.).

ANZ Bank’s Social Media TalkTo get on with the activity, resident blogger Ate Chessika gave an insightful talk about the medium of interaction that’s somewhat defining in this age. Since almost everyone is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Ate Chessika gave some useful advice on how to be responsible users of it – about things you can post, or don’t need to post, about showing respect for others through your words and about protecting your privacy. In the end, the kids got some practical inputs that hopefully they observe when they go online

After concluding the Social Media talk, the event proceeded to a pair of exciting and active games. First one was called ‘Pass the Charades.’ This game combined Pass the Message and Charades. Grouped in lines, the teams raced to ‘pass the message’ (or the mystery word) while acting them out to their teammate. They of course only used gestures to relay the word. The teams only needed 2 points to win the game but it sure got everyone competitive and animated as they tried to both guess and act out the word.

ANZ Bank’s Social Media Talk

The 2nd game was called Fax Machine. The teams again assembled in a line while being seated down this time. Guessing a mystery shape was now their main objective. The members drew a shape in the backs of their teammates. They then had to guess it and then draw same shape in the next person’s back until the last one in line. The game wasn’t just about being fast but more so about being right. That said, a couple of teams did mess up their shapes and had some really funny output – a hashtag became a letter ‘A’, the ‘@’ sign becoming just a bunch of circles, and the heart shape becoming totally something else. Teams had fun while competing in this unique contest.

ANZ Bank’s Social Media Talk

With the physical and mental exercises over, the teams gathered for a very hearty lunch, not to mention some sweet treats. After that, the volunteers distributed their gifts to the kids, and then gathered for the final time for a very merry group picture.

Both the kids from Right Start and the volunteers from ANZ were truly a bundle of energy and joy throughout the day. Our sincerest thanks to them for being the difference that Saturday. We can’t wait to be united with these people again soon.

ANZ Bank’s Social Media Talk


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