Ate Janna Celebrates with Philippine General Hospital

Philippine General Hospital Event

It’s been awhile since we visited and celebrate a fun afternoon at Philippine General Hospital. PGH is one of the well-established hospitals in the country. It opened its door to the public in 1910. It was transferred to University of the Philippines in 1947. If is one of the prestigious training hospitals in the country.

Philippine General Hospital EventThe U! Happy Events team facilitated the birthday celebration of Ate Janna Borrillo with the help of some of the doctors at PGH including Dra. Emmy Cua. We invited the children who previously had a heart surgery. Some of them had bypass at a very early age. It was a heartwarming event as the children are currently doing well. The most recent case was less than a year ago and the longest one was 17 years back.

We started the day by grouping the kids and volunteers so they can share things about themselves and get to know each other. We then had Bring Me Art where the members of the group were to cut out the item that we asked for. They did cut-outs of hearts, crown, fish, fireball and others. The first team that had all the members finish got a point.

Philippine General Hospital Event

We then played the Pera or Bayong where participants in pairs answered trivia questions by going to the letter which they think was the correct answer. The last remaining pair got to play the jackpot round where they got to choose between “Pera” or “Bayong”. The mother and daughter pair chose the “bayong” which had 10 story books in it rather than the Php 1,000 cash that Kuya Harvard offered.

Philippine General Hospital EventA 25 minute Magic performance followed by Kuya Jacob. The crowd was delighted with tricks left and right. Birds coming out of nowhere and fire showing up to make a candle or umbrellas appear. An adorable child joined in to make the show even more entertaining.

We then ended the day by giving food, gifts and prizes to the kids.


Classic Wishes: Swimming with Dolphins in Chicken Soup

Two Dophins

Children’s Wish Foundation International honors the creativity and love in every wish. We’ve got thirty years of amazing stories  to share with you through a new blog feature “Classic Wishes“. Our first beautiful wish below was featured in Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul. The book, originally published on September 14, 2000, spent twelve weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller List, three of those in the top ten.

Lee Katherine had a bright future ahead of her. At the age of fifteen, she had charted her path in life and was determined to become a marine biologist.

She had always felt a close connection to the sea, and told her parents, Robert and Ruth, that her love of marine life would help thousands of animals one day. In her back pocket she carried  a book written by her hero, Jacques Cousteau, and the tattered pages only further illustrated her conviction to become a famous marine biologist.

It was during this time that Robert and Ruth were dealt the devastating blow of having their daughter diagnoses with a terminal illness. After doctors delivered the news that she had cancer of the nasal cavity, all of their dreams for Lee Katherine came crashing down. Although her parents did everything they could to help her fight her illness, including seeing her through a rigorous round of chemotherapy, Lee Katherine’s medical team soon realized she was losing her battle.

They told Robert and Ruth to take her home and keep her comfortable; there was nothing else they could do.

As they left the doctor’s office that day, Robert and Ruth were in a state of shock; they couldn’t believe that their beloved daughter was going to lose her battle. Still reeling from the sting of what they had just learned, they were unprepared for what Lee Katherine told them next.

Leaving the office, she turned to her mother and said, “Mom, there is one thing I want to do before I die. I want to swim with dolphins.”

Shocked, Ruth nodded, but was shattered inside, believing that she had nowhere to turn for help. Despair turned to desperation as she struggled with the realization that she would not be able to fulfill her daughter’s last request. It was only a few days later when Ruth ran into a friend at the supermarket, who happened to be a volunteer in this foundation. The friend asked about Lee Katherine and Ruth repeated her daughter’s wish, saying, “It’s the only thing she wants to do and I don’t know how to do it.” Her friend gave her the number for Children’s Wish Foundation International.

Ruth called the foundation’s headquarters and explained Lee Katherine’s situation. She told the foundation that her daughter would not live to see her dream of becoming a marine biologist come to fruition, but that she clung to the hope that she would experience the magic of swimming with the beautiful dolphins that had always captivated her.

That very day, Children’s Wish sent an overnight package containing all of the paperwork the family needed to sign along with instructions for Ruth to overnight the signed papers back. Calls were placed to Lee Katherine’s medical team immediately to inquire about any special provisions that should be made for a child in her condition. These doctors knew that Lee Katherine could pass away at almost any time, but with Lee Katherine’s determination to swim with dolphins so strong, they approved her for traveling and signed off on the medical forms. They also provided guidelines that needed to be followed carefully for the young girl’s comfort and safety.

Too frail to travel by air, the foundation rented a special RV to transport Lee Katherine from her home in North Carolina to the Florida Keys. To help alleviate the pain, doctors had her receiving round-the-clock morphine treatments through an IV, and it was necessary to equip the RV with padding to provide Lee Katherine comfort as she traveled.

It was obvious to all who saw Lee Katherine that her illness had taken its toll, and most of all to Ruth and Robert.

But as the RV drew closer and closer to the dolphin center, her entire spirit changed. Memories of her illness and thoughts of what lay ahead were replaced with a renewed excitement of finally having her wish fulfilled. Before she could enter the water, the IV administering the morphine had to be removed. There were concerns about how she would manage the pain but Lee Katherine was determined. Ruth placed a life vest over her daughter to keep her afloat, then stood by and watched as a team of volunteers carefully lowered Lee Katherine into the water, where two beautiful dolphins awaited her.

What happened next was a miracle to all who were present.

The two dolphins, Nat and Tursi, seemed to instinctively sense Lee Katherine’s fragile condition. They nudged her neck, gave her soft dolphin kisses, provided gentle piggyback rides, and delighted her with leaps over her head. Throughout the swim, despite her fragile appearance, it was hard to believe that she was sick at all. As the sun sparkled across the water, Ruth and Robert watched their terminally ill daughter beaming with happiness as her lifetime dream was fulfilled.

After her swim, Lee Katherine told her parents, “I’m not afraid to die anymore.”

She explained how she felt that communication with the dolphins was her “bridge to the other side” and she now felt totally peaceful. Miraculously, for Lee Katherine and her parents, she never needed a another drop of morphine. Just thirty-six hours after her swim, Lee Katherine passed away. In the midst of their enormous grief, Ruth and Robert felt their daughter had given them a priceless gift they never expected.

Through her courage, grace, and determination, Lee Katherine taught them that even in the most tragic circumstances and regardless of how short is the life that was lived, dreams can come true.

The images of her laughing and swimming with the dolphins remain forever etched in her parents’ hearts as a reminder of the gift of Lee Katherine to her family.

In order to fulfill their daughter’s final wish, Ruth and Robert returned her once again to the Florida Keys. There, they scattered her ashes amongst the same school of dolphins that had brought their daughter so much joy and peace. They had indeed been her “bridge to the other side”.

by Christy Chappelear Andrews



Ate Arabelle’s Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

We started the day by pairing the kids of Children’s Joy foundation with the volunteers and forming them into groups. They then came up with a group name.

Our first activity was getting to know activity where volunteers and kids talked about their favorite color and food. A representative of the group came up to the front and introduced their groupmates.

Accessory Making with Children’s Joy FoundationThe second activity was Paint a Picture. The groups were given a scenario and the members were to strike a pose as a team showing the scenario. For instance they painted a picture of a concert and playground.

Our main activity for the day was accessory making. The kids were taught to make braided bracelets using different colored shoestrings. Once the kids learned how to make the bracelets they kept making more. Some of them had so much fun that they were able to make more than two bracelets.

We then gave out snacks and we did our traditional gift giving with the help of the birthday celebrants Ate Andrea and Ate Ara. The celebrants gave an emotional message saying they’ve been wanting to give back to the community. They were thankful to U! Happy Events for paving the way for them to be able to do so. They decided to raise funds and create an event for the kids of Children’s Joy Foundation. They were able to raise funds which exceeded their expectations that allowed them to sponsor an event and come up with the gift items for the kids.

Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

The kids then gave a special performance by singing a Happy Birthday song, a Thank You song, and a couple more songs for our volunteers. Three talented kids did the music accompaniment by playing guitar, violin, and beat box.

We ended the day with the volunteers and kids giving hugs to each other and being thankful for the day well spent.

Accessory Making with Children’s Joy Foundation

Baek Jin Hee Goes To Cambodia As A Volunteer For Children’s Charity

Baek Jin Hee

Actress Baek Jin Hee will be going to Cambodia along with international children’s charity organization Plan as a volunteer.

Starting from January 27 until February 2, Baek Jin Hee will be visiting the Angkor region of Cambodia, where there are two out of four healthcare centers established by Korea’s Serim Hospital.

At the healthcare centers, Baek Jin Hee will be distributing toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, and other hygienic products to children. Just as she visited a daycare center last year, Baek Jin Hee plans on developing a strong connection with the children she will meet through this opportunity.

Baek Jin Hee said, “I really like volunteering. Rather than doing this for a grandiose purpose, I’m really doing this work for myself. Playing with children has a natural healing effect.



Munting Prinsipe Play with Right Start

Munting Prinsipe Play

Last September 12, 2015, 25 kids were given an opportunity to see Layeta Bucoy’s “Prinsipe Munti” (Tagalog version of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince) live on stage at Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills. Most of the kids who went to see the play were the ones who were interested in acting and have experienced it during some of Right Start’s events. They said they learned a lot from it. They even noticed that the actors were really in character and that they had memorized all of their lines. One of the children commented, “Natutunan ko yung pag acting nila. Hindi sila mali-mali at kabisado nila yung script nila at sila ay hindi magulo”, while another one said, “Hindi sila tumatawa kapag nagdudula-dulaan..” Learning and seeing these things stirred up something in the kids that could fuel up their passion in acting.

The kids also recalled their favorite scenes where you can see the importance of friendship. One of it is when Prinsipe Munti met, tamed the Alamid (fox), and became friends. Another scene was with the pilot who was fixing his plane, when they just laid on the sand, watched the stars and talked. And of course, they cannot forget about the rose. The kids also remembered the lessons very well. When asked what impacted them the most, one of them wrote “Huwag iiwanan ang mahalagang bagay sa atin dahil kapag iniwanan mo hindi mo alam kung andun pa ba.” The value of friendship is what the youth is all about these days and we were truly hoping that like Prinsipe Munti they get to learn the more important things in life as early as now. As what the well-known author of the The Little Prince said, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Thank you so much to U! Happy Events for bridging these kids to the sponsors who made this possible. Thank you also for the books that they were reading while waiting for the play to start and their Happy Meals before they went home.

Pub Fun Day Raises £4,000 for Children’s Charity

A day of wacky fundraising activities at a village pub in Kent raised £4,000 for a children’s charity.

Andy and Etta Bonugli, Steve and Nikki BamfordShepherd Neame pub The Saddler in Minster hosted the event, organised by village resident Etta Bonugli as her 16-year-old daughter Isi has Rett Syndrome – a rare neurodevelopmental disorder usually diagnosed in girls around their first birthday, which is currently incurable.

Etta volunteered to have her shoulder-length hair shaved off at the fun day, and her 18-year-old son Somerset and pub licensee Steve Bamford endured a sponsored leg wax, along with five other male friends who drink regularly at the pub.

A host of other fundraising activities also took place during the day, including karaoke, face painting and glitter tattoos, a raffle and tombola. More than 150 people attended the event, raising £4,000 for children’s charity Reverse Rett, which works to fund research into treatments for Rett Syndrome.

Mum-of-two Etta, 44, said: “Our family has held dozens of fundraising activities over the years since Isi was diagnosed, and I came up with the idea of having my head shaved as I thought it would be entertaining and get people donating! I’ve never had really short hair before, so it has been a bit of a shock, but it was definitely worth it.”

The Saddler, MinsterThe fun day was a real community event, with village hairdresser Michael Abbott volunteering to shave Etta’s head, and more than 100 raffle and tombola prizes donated by local businesses. Etta’s school friends Ruth Relfe and Penny Osborn also helped organise the fundraiser.

Father-of-two Steve, who runs the pub with wife Nikki, said: “When Henrietta approached me with the idea of holding a fundraiser at the pub, we were delighted to get involved. Our 17-year-old daughter Megan works at Ramsgate beauty salon Pamper and Polish, so she and her boss volunteered to do the leg waxing – which was very painful, but well worth it!”

Etta added: “The generosity and support we have received from everyone in the village has been truly amazing, and we really cannot thank everyone enough. The more money we can raise, the more quickly we will be able to help advance the science that will bring a cure to thousands worldwide.”



Kuya Igi’s Page Munchers with Kuya Center

Page Munchers with Kuya Center

Another day is another chance. A chance to be happier, to love even more and to live a life with purpose. At U! Happy Events, we share happiness, love and life by providing sustainable support and teaching values to children in the Philippines. For this day, our lovely volunteers together with U! Happy Events Core Team had the chance to celebrate life with the kids from Kuya Center for Street Children.

Page Munchers with Kuya CenterTo start off, the ates and kuyas along with the kids introduced each other. Everyone was asked not only to say one’s name but also the super powers they want to have. The kids did not hesitate to share their thoughts too! Some wanted to have the ability to fly, some to become invisible, some to become super sexy and super pretty :)

Game time! Cheese Rings Relay! The kids and volunteers were divided into groups and given each with straw. All they have to do is to shoot a Cheese Ring on their straw using their mouth, run around the post and pass along the Cheese Ring to the team member next in line. First to finish, wins!

Next is the Move Relay. All it requires is one’s dancing skills. Flex, stretch, twist, turn, and wiggle that hips! The groups will again form a straight line. Then at the go signal, the first in line should dance for 5 seconds and run to the next spot after. On that station, a Hoola Hoop awaits. Grab the Hula Hoop and try to make a few hip turns in it! Run back to the line and let the others do the same. First group again to make their bodies shake wins the game. So much for exercise!

Page Munchers with Kuya Center

For the main activity, Kuya Robby shared his creativity and talent in turning scraps into a masterpiece. So for book lovers, here’s something you may have fun doing too: colorful and animated bookmarks! From colored paper cutouts, glue and scissors, we were ready to go! Kuya Rob asked us to think of any inspiration to make as our model. Some thought of their favorite animals, cartoon characters or monsters to play with. Just a few cutting and reassembling, TADAH! Finished product: super cute Page Munchers! :)

Page Munchers with Kuya CenterSince our dear sponsor Kuya Igi is celebrating his birthday, we were served with delicious pancit for longer life! Also, he shared his birthday cup cakes with all of the kids: pink pig cup cakes! Together with Kuya Igi, Ate Fosca distributed ice cream for dessert and vitamins for good health! Hooray for everyone :)

We only have one life and a chance to celebrate it. Some people just choose to make it a little more colorful by sharing a piece of their life with others. Indeed, we left not only happy memories but also blissful heart beats.

Be happy, be in love and make a life with U! Happy Events.

Page Munchers with Kuya Center

Sponsor a Child’s Education With ActionAid Ireland

Sponsor a Child's Education

The ‘Every Child’ campaign was launched by ActionAid Ireland this week, with the charity hoping to give more children in developing countries access to education—a right often taken for granted in the developed world.

Speaking at the launch of ‘Every Child’, the charities ambassador, Ms Sharon Ní Bheoláin, said: “Children have a natural curiosity and an eagerness to learn, no child should be deprived of the joy, the confidence or the opportunities afforded by an education. Not only can an education lift a child out of poverty, it can enhance the lives of family members and benefit those living in that child’s community.”

ActionAid Ireland, an organisation that was founded in 1983, works as part of ActionAid International in fighting poverty and injustice in Africa, Asia and the Americas. According to the charity, they see education as a “core strategic theme,” because it is a fundamental human right and is key to helping people lift themselves out of poverty.

With the launch of the new initiative, ActionAid Ireland is asking Irish people to help children and their communities in countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Vietnam and Cambodia. ActionAid Ireland believe that for as little as 76 cent a day, sponsoring a child can help to build an education system, provide access to clean water, and improve livelihoods so children no longer have to work and can attend school.

CEO of ActionAid Ireland, Ms Olga McDonogh, says that “child sponsors are vital to the work we do in ActionAid Ireland. The regular support that our sponsors provide helps us to work with children and their communities and change their lives for the better.”

For further information on ActionAid Ireland and the Every Child campaign, please visit



Kuya Gino’s Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

It was our 5th sponsored mural event at Ospital ng Makati thanks to birthday celebrant, Kuya Gino Victorino. This partnership with the hospital started last December 2014 and we are tasked to have 2 more before say goodbye to 2015. By that time the whole pediatric floor will be filled with designs and colors that enriches the conditions of the patients.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng MakatiSince it was rainy season, the wards were filled with patients. We opted to have our happy gathering in the hallway anyway. Sometimes the spirit of volunteerism finds ways and we believe it was timely for us to celebrate with the children there.

The program started with volunteers lined up in front to share their names and favorite colors. I also tasked them to name three items of the same color they like. They had to be on their natural color of course. Though the volunteers had a challenging time, it entertained everyone.

The volunteers were paired up and it was the patients turn to share their colors. I told them to remember their favorite ones for the mural workshop later on.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We had one game that we always play with patients- Body Works. Here pairs find their way to connect each ones body parts. It can get tough because each instruction was connected to another. After eight straight commands, three pairs remained. Some of the Kuyas and Ates got really competitive.

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng MakatiKuya Koby took the stage next to entertain the crowd with Magic. The young children faces lit up and clapped repeatedly on every magical moment. I saw some adults focused on the show as well- they were smiling and cheering as well.

Before we pursued the hallway walls for color, Ate Blanca, our artist, gave instructions on how one should paint. She highlighted stroking in one direction and using paint wisely. After less than an hour, the carousel theme came to life! We rewarded everyone with a hefty meal after.

Gifts followed. Kuya Gino requested us to provide hygiene kits and this was his blessing to the children. It is a practical gift to give. One of his friends gave slippers too!

Mural Workshop with Ospital ng Makati

We gathered all for a big photo. We took this opportunity also to sing a Happy Birthday song! Kuya Gino we appreciate your contribution and we look forward to partnering with you again! Hey, if you wish to celebrate life with children too, send us a message. :)

Cristiano Ronaldo Donates £5 Million to Nepal Earthquake Charity Fund

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly donates £5million to help in Nepal after earthquake

  • Cristiano Ronaldo has donated 7million euros to help Nepal aid effort, according to reports from France
  • French sports magazine So Foot says Ronaldo has given money to charitable organisation Save the Children

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid man allegedly gave the hefty sum of money to global charity Save the Children, which is helping survivors of last month’s earthquake

Last month Ronaldo also called upon his vast Facebook following of over 100 million people to donate to the children’s charity. Real Madrid superstar Ronaldo has a history of being charitable, despite his on-field misdemeanour. Last year he reportedly stumped up €60,000 to pay for a 10-month-old boy’s brain surgery.

Save the Children

And in 2004 he flew to the aid of Indonesian tsunami victims after he saw footage of a young man wearing a Portugal shirt with his name on the back.

On the pitch, Ronaldo is preparing with Real Madrid to face Valencia in La Liga on Saturday night, before the second leg of their Champions League semi-final against Juventus on Wednesday.

Ronaldo scored in the 2-1 first-leg defeat in Turin, leveling after former team-mate Alvaro Morata had opened the scoring, before Carlos Tevez scored to give Juventus a lead.

Earthquake in Nepal

Ronaldo is a true kind hearted person …this is called an act of willingness to help others….he has a generous heart…i hope people like Ronaldo would always live in our heart who help others in their tough time



Nepal Will Rise