Volunteer Nurses Bring HOPE to Injured Children

Project HOPE's Volunteer NursesProject HOPE’s three volunteers have been working in two locations in Kathmandu assisting in the medical response to t

he massive earthquake that happened eleven days ago.Nurses Sama Shrestha and Emily Sisa have spent two days in the ward at a training hospital assisting the Nepali nurses stretched thin while taking care of the influx of injured patients from the surrounding area.

Ann Perez has been working in the Pediatrics Tent at the Israeli Military’s IDF Medical Corps Field Hospital. The temporary and portable hospital was set up just days after the earthquake in the sports fields of a Nepali Army base in Kathmandu and is equipped with an operating room, x-ray facility, cafeteria and everything needed to support a team of over 100 solders and medical practitioners from Israel. A group of clowns from Israel have also frequented the field hospital while making their rounds of Kathmandu’s hospitals and bring moments of joy to an otherwise often somber location. Balloon animals and games definitely cheer up the younger patients and their family members who stay at their bedside.

Project HOPE's Volunteer Nurses

In the Pediatrics Tent, Ann has had a few patients for all five days that she’s been working there.One girl arrived with a substantial head injury and resulting paralysis on her left side.She was found days after the earthquake wandering delirious near her rural home by her older brother who had already given her up for dead.When she arrived at the field hospital, she was depressed and unresponsive, frustrated by her painful wounds, battered appearance, and paralysis.In the past few days, though, she has become more responsive, even smiling and interacting at times.She’s also regaining movement on her left side, enough that the doctors are confident of her eventual full recovery.

Yesterday, though, was a major breakthrough. She was in a wheelchair getting fresh air outside of the tent and decided that she was ready to try walking. With the assistance of Ann and another patient’s brother, she was able to walk a short distance and was clearly delighted with herself. Ann and the entire pediatrics team were beside themselves with excitement that she has shown such progress.


Source: http://www.projecthope.org/


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