Ate Rhea Celebrates with Gentle Hands

Gentle Hands EventIt’s a great feeling to celebrate your birthday with your friends and making people around you happy too. Today was one of those days with U! Happy Events, as beauty queen, Ate Rhea chose to throw her big day with her friends and kids from Gentle Hands.

Gentle Hands EventWe grouped the kids into 4 groups and tasked the Ates and Kuyas a bunch of questions to share among each other. These were their names, favorite games and what their talents are so they can get to know each other a little bit more. After a few minutes we also got them to name their groups! They were Team Victorious, Team Adventurous, Team Twins and Team Happy.

To get their hearts pumping before the main show we played a game called pass the cups. The goal to win was to pass all the cups at the end of line by using only a small straw. To make it more complicated and exciting, they had to make a pyramid! In the end Team Adventurous claimed it.

After playing we got into the main show of the event, which was Magic. The kids together with their Ates and Kuyas was so captivated by the show and may have forgotten to breath from time to time. The kids were also asked to participate and volunteered. This was an amazing sight to see.

Gentle Hands Event

After the game and all the excitement from Magic, everyone shared a meal over heart filled conversations. During this time prizes and gifts were also given to the kids.

We had to say goodbye. While everyone was gathered for a group shot, Ate Te called on Ate Rhea to step out so we can sing our hearts out to her. Hugs followed to cap off a great memory.

Gentle Hands Event


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