Ate Mary Anne’s Minion Art with Tahanan ng Pagmamahal

Written by Core Team Leader, Suszie Galang

At U! Happy Events we believe in providing children with support by connecting with volunteers and involving them in different outreach programs that we create and provide. Today was one of those days. We had an  had an art program with the kids from Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, thanks to sponsor and birthday celebrant Ate Mary Anne Catura.

Minion Art Activity

To start of the event we got the Ate’s and Kuya’s and grouped them with the kids and since its an art program we got them to share their names, favourite shapes and favourite colours. After given the kids and volunteers time to share and get to know each other we moved to the next activity, which was the bubble show.

You could clearly see the excitement and joy on the children’s face during the bubble show. The volunteers also enjoyed the show and were joining in the excitement of the bubble show. After getting everyone’s full attention we went straight into the main event, which was creating an art and painting them.

Minion Art Activity

With the help of our own art teacher Kuya Robbie, the children drew a minion picture with the help of their ate’s and kuya’s. they then painted the minion picture using items that can be found at home. The kids painted their minion pictures with food coloring mixed in water, tissue and paintbrushes. You can clearly see how proud the kids were with their painting. While we let the kids paintings dry we gave them their merienda’s and let the kids and volunteers get to know more about each other. During this time we also gave them gifts to remember this day buy.

Minion Art Activity

To end the day we did the customary profile exchange between volunteers and the kids. The kids and volunteers then exchanged these so they can have something to remember this day by. We also did the customary group photo’s with the children’s artwork. After the group photo’s the kids gave each ate’s and kuya’s a warm hugs and said their goodbyes. It was such a way to end the day with the children and we hope to make more memories and create more programs for volunteers to connect with children.

Minion Art Activity


Sponsored by U! Happy Events – Support Children in the Philippines


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