ANZ Bank Story and Balloon Twisting Workshop with Qurino Memorial Medical Center

Volunteer in the Philippines

Not all would like to spend their rest day on a hospital where sick people are to be seen and on a weekend when it’s time to rest and relax, but having a heart of a volunteer makes everything seemed enjoyable and fulfilling! It was a vibrant afternoon in Quirino Memorial Medical Center, the next stop of the day for some of the members of U! Happy Events core team.

It was my first to be there but I’ve heard many stories about the hospital during the time when a famous politician was hospitalized there. The activity took place in a hallway area near the children’s ward and that afternoon’s activity was sponsored by the Australia and New Zealand Banking group, one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand. There were around 25 volunteers and more than 20 kids with parents who participated in the activity. The kids were of different ages. They were sitting quietly next to their parents, some even have their dextroses beside them.

Volunteer in the Philippines

Then there were babies too being carried by their moms. Just by looking at them, I suddenly felt heartsick realizing that all of them are unwell and that their parents don’t have much money to support their medication. It is in this time that I appreciate the things we do for those kids, providing comfort and happiness even in times of distress.

As soon as everyone were settled, Kuya Harvard called in front the volunteers of ANZ and had them introduce themselves embracing a superhero attitude. That first activity got the kids hyped up by too much laughter,that even the volunteers were laughing to themselves.

Then the volunteers were paired to the kids together with their parents. The first activity was done by Ate Dyali from Adarna House. She did a storytelling of ” Si Pagong at Si Matsing”, a story about a clever turtle and a cunning monkey racing to get to the banana tree and “Ang Barumbadong bus” which talks about a reckless bus who later on encountered a series of mishaps. Ate Dyali made the storytelling appealing by the use of her lively tone of voice as she reads the stories to the audience. Also, she acted out specific scenes from the book. It has gotten more exciting as she asked the audience to participate by doing the gestures too while she reads the story. The storytelling evidently made an impact to the audience from the happy looks on their faces. But what matters here is that the moral stories were realized.

Volunteer in the Philippines

Another exciting activity was done and it was balloon-making. Ate Divine, one of the experts in balloon-making, joyfully taught the kids how to make a variety of animal balloons. Each one was handed out a balloon to make and surprisingly, majority were able to follow her instructions and made their own versions of animal balloons. Unbeknownst to the kids and volunteers, Ate Divine made several animals, flowers, toy guns of inflated balloons prior to the activity. But to be able to get it, they have to win it. So Kuya Harvard asked questions, which is mostly about the storytelling, for them to answer. Some of the answers were very funny like for instance when Kuya Harvard asked a kind of dog and one volunteer answered “cat”.

That afternoon was delightfully spent well. Truly, when you’re enjoying you won’t feel any amount of tiredness.
But then it was getting late and so it was time to have some refreshments. The core team distributed the snacks to the volunteers, kids and parents and they all ate heartily the food prepared for them. We also distributed Big Bang chocolate bars to the kids. Thanks to those sponsored it.

Volunteer in the Philippines

After eating, Kuya Harvard gathered everyone for a group photo. To add to the memorable experience, give ways were also given to each of the kids. Everyone had fun especially the volunteers who felt fulfillment to have spent their weekend helping these kids. Thank you ANZ for supporting these kids of QMMC. Your help brought along way in making great things possible to these kids. May God bless your hearts!

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